A child dressed as an elf reads his own personalized Christmas book for Mommy and child in front of an xmas tree.

A Few Fun Facts About Hooray Heroes’ Christmas Gifts!

A child dressed as an elf reads his own personalized Christmas book for Mommy and child in front of an xmas tree.

Are you looking for good deals for Christmas? Ideas for the best gifts to give on December 25th? Well, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This article is all about you – our amazing customers and your fascinating shopping habits!

Christmas 2022’s Bestsellers

By Book

Over 45,000 orders were placed between November 15 and December 20, 2021 in the USA and the top three stand thus:

A chart of the top three most popular books among Hooray Heroes customers last Christmas.

In first place, with over 12000 books sold, our bestseller for father and child, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy/Girl. One of our initial hits, this high-quality personalized book shows Dad finding joy in the everyday moments with his child or children. To date, this one is still making dads worldwide cry happy tears.

In second place is our must-have book for pets The Pawsome Adventures of Blake and Milo. Personalize yourself and your dog or cat with our many customization options and get ready for some incredible adventures. It’s a great way to celebrate the love between you and your pet!

And finally, in third place is our book for grandparents Granny, Grandpa, I’ll Always Be Your Little Benjamin. Also available in editions for up to 3 kids, this gorgeous book immortalizes the time spent between grandparents and grandchild(ren) in stories as timeless as their relationships!

The cover of a personalized book for grandparents and grandchild, the best Christmas gift.

What about Christmas books, you ask? These fall just a bit behind the top three! With over 1530 books sold during this period, our book for kids + Mom/Dad entitled 10 Christmas Wishes continues to be a success and a fabulous gift to find under the tree.

And don’t forget about the Christmas version of our book for couples! A solid 508 copies sold to happy couples all over the USA this Christmas alone!

By Book

So where did most of our books go during the Christmas 2022 season? Miami, Brooklyn, and Chicago were our most popular destinations with LA just trailing behind.

With nearly 290 books ordered in a single month, Chicago is definitely at the top of the list. The most popular book among Chicagoans was I’ll Always Be Your Little Boy/Girl for Dad and 1 child, with a total of 69 copies ordered! In this book, dad finds joy in the time he spends with his son or daughter knowing that, soon enough, those days will be long gone.

Funnily enough, our second place city, Brooklyn, also favored our Always Be Your Little Boy/Girl book, followed by our book for pets, The Pawsome Adventures of Blake and Milo! This book takes you or a child on incredible adventure with your cat or dog. It’s a great book for bedtime or any time and is a heartfelt way to immortalize the love that exists between you.

By State

Looking state by state now, there are clear winners as far as orders placed are concerned – Texas, California, and Florida (flowed closely by New York)!

State Number of Orders
California 5434
Texas 3531
Florida 2830

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

So, which cities were keen to get their Christmas shopping done in advance? Well, the clear winner here is Chicago (again!) followed by San Antonio and Houston! Our customers in these cities placed their orders by December 1!

City Orders by December 1st
Chicago 132
San Antonio 127
Houston 126

And then there are those who basically waited until Christmas Day to place their order…

City Number of Orders (Dec. 1 – Dec. 20)
Houston 124
Las Vegas 122
Brooklyn 118

It’s a good thing we offer express shipping!

And there you have it! Now you know a little more about our amazing customers and what they snuck under the tree last year! Now it’s your turn!