A Book of Your Kiddo’s Christmas Wishes for Mommy or Daddy

We did it. We finally perfected the recipe for the BEST Christmas gift ever!
The ingredients we used while making “Amy’s 10 Christmas Wishes for Daddy” & “Ryan’s 10 Christmas Wishes for Mommy” are: imaginative stories, vibrant illustrations, and – most importantly – parent and kiddo bonding on every page!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and your child’s wide awake, but before they can drift to dreamland, there are final wishes still to make…

Dreaming of a Personalized Christmas

To make sure this book is bursting with festive magic, we’ve given narrating duties to the one most qualified in Christmas wonder: your child! Our artists have been as busy as elves bringing their vision to life. Check out some of the illustrations below!

Welcome to Giftopolis!
All Aboard the Hooray Express!
Cozy & warm by the fire
Decking the tree juuuuuuust right!

Let’s See that Wish List

Each page of this book brings with it a special wish for Mom or Dad, from kiddo. Most of that list is still for Santa’s eyes only, but here’s a sample of the wishes you’ll have to choose from:

  • More hugs from Daddy
  • More adventures with Mommy
  • To always chill with Mommy
  • To keep learning from Daddy
  • And many more!

This book is also available as a Premium Edition with 5 extra stories and a joyously festive cover dotted with gold foil!

Holiday Heroes

But wait, there’s more! Our Christmas books come in some many variations. For example, we have one for couples. Hooray Heroes’ personalized book, “Holly, 10 Reasons I Love You More Than Christmas” is festive variation of our bestselling Love You book for couples and would make an unbelievable custom-made gift.

If, instead, you’re looking to pop a little bit of Yuletide spirit into a loved one’s mailbox or simply complete your Hooray Hero Christmas gift, then you might want to take a peek at our personalized greeting cards! Currently available for families, couples or parents!