Bestselling “Always Little” Book for 2 and 3 Kiddos! Coming Soon!

The Hooray Heroes book behind all those “Crying Daddy” videos will soon be available in siblings editions.

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Fatherly Love, Meet Sibling Love

“Aiden, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy” celebrates the timeless bond between father and child. That bond remains in our soon-to-be-released siblings version, and it’s joined by the special connection only brothers and sisters share. As they grow up, Dad can take a step back and let his kids help and learn from each other. But of course, Dad’s never too far from the action…

3, 2, 1 – away we go! Listen to those cheers from Dad’s one-man pit crew!

Sketchin’ to Perfection

In addition to brand-new poems to show the siblings in action, we also need to re-work the illustrations to, you know, show the siblings in action! Those with a keen eye will notice that some scenes will also be revisited from entirely new angles!

New Story Alert!

Those with an even keener eye will notice that in addition to adding more kiddos to this edition, we’re also adding a couple of new stories! We can’t wait for you to see what they are – and in full color!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

And of course, that special spark that has caused so many Dads to get choked up while thinking about their kids growing up will be front and center of this exciting new edition. So don’t miss out on this incredibly personal, emotional book! Sign up for your reminder and discount!

Creating the best siblings book for Daddy, one step at a time.
Creating the best siblings book for Daddy, one step at a time.

Pssst! Grandparents Edition Coming Soon Too!

That’s right! In addition to adding siblings to our Daddy Edition, we’ll also be adding them to our newly popular Grandparent Edition! All the more reason to sign up and stay posted!