Hooray Heroes Book for Grandparents

The Grandest Gift for Grandparents

We’ve been hard at work putting together something really special for you. It’s a brand-new book for parents, but YOUR parents! That’s right, it’s our brand-new book for Grandparents, and their grandchild TOO!

Why this book makes the “Grandest” gift

This book is about a child and their grandparent doing the little everyday things that, in the end, bring maximum joy, and mean bonding time for the dynamic duo. It’ll have all the amazing things that make our books so incredible. Nicknames like grandma or grandpa (a version with both grandparents is coming soon), various personalizations, and more! You’ll be able to choose 10 precious moments to create a completely personalized book that’s sure to be a keepsake for life.

Surprising our grandparents

But don’t take it from us. Take it from the grandparents that have already received the first demos of our book. We wanted to make sure this gift would be a sure-fire win, so we tested it out by surprising our own grandparents with it. It turns out they absolutely loved it! ❤️ You can check their reactions below.

Getting the message across

Grandparents rock. You know it, we know it, and they should know it too. Children will always remember their grandparents, the moments they’ve spent together, and the lessons grandpa or grandma shared with them. Their voice, the look in their eyes, and, let’s be honest, the unlimited hoard of candy they seem to possess and, somehow, always manage to sneak to their grandkids (even when Mom and Dad say, “No”). It can be hard for them sometimes as they might not be getting the attention they deserve which is why this book serves as a perfect reminder of everything we love about them.

Grandparents perosnalised book gift

HINT: It’s also the perfect Grandparents Day gift!