The Best Valentine’s Day gift FOR COUPLES

This Valentine’s Day, create your Personalized Love You Book

When it comes to Valentine’s day gifts, everyone goes for the same old things time and time again: chocolates, roses, a card from your local supermarket, etc. But this year, knock your significant other’s socks off with a personalized book for couples from Hooray Heroes: Daniel, 10 Reasons I Love You!

This looks awesome, but what is it?

We’ve been creating books to give as personalized gifts for every major holiday you can think of (here’s looking at you, Arbor Day!), but with this BRAND-NEW edition, we wanted to create something specifically for adults. And yeah, our books have been for both parents and kiddos, but this one is strictly a personalized book for adults.

So wait, no kids?

Not this time! Well, kinda, but we’ll get to that in a second. These personalized books let you choose 10 reasons why you love your significant other. It’s one of those personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day that really shows just how much you care.

But you’re a children’s book company…

We know! But we also know how important relationships are. One of the reasons you can choose is that “It’s Apparent that You’re an Amazing Parent”, so you can include your little one in this personalized story book if you’d like to, but it really focuses on the couple themselves.

I know what I’m getting for Valentine’s Day!

And so do we! Daniel, 10 Reasons I Love You is the personalized gift to give if you’re looking for something moving, something personalized, and something unique that they’ll never see coming!