The Best Valentine’s Day gift FOR COUPLES

This Valentine’s Day, create your Personalized Love You Book

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, everyone goes for the same old things time and time again: chocolates, roses, a card from your local supermarket, etc. But this year, knock your significant other’s socks off with a personalized book for couples from Hooray Heroes: Daniel, 10 Reasons I Love You or Jason’s Perfect Imperfections, By: Ashley.

These look awesome, but what are they?

Our 10 Reasons I Love You book is our tried and tested bestselling Love You Book for adults. Last year alone, over half a million people chose the 10 (or 15!) reasons they’re in love. Then, for all you tried and tested couples looking for a not-so-typical gift, we’ve just released our brand-new Perfect Imperfections book. It’s full of things about your partner that drive you crazy and keep you crazy in love.

So, which one to choose?!

One’s a bestseller, the other’s brand-new, so you really can’t lose. But discover more about them in our blog posts about 10 Reasons to Love and Perfect Imperfections. There is one thing they have in common though: they both pack a very sincere “I Love You”, making each of them an awesome Valentine’s Day gift.

Personalization for the win!

Another, very important, thing they also have in common is both being 100% personalized. Why is this a big deal? Well, one, they look like you – and how cool is that?! And more importantly, they show you took time to make your partner a totally unique gift meant only for them. And how romantic is that?!

I know what I’m getting for Valentine’s Day!

And so do we! And whether it’s Daniel, 10 Reasons I Love You or Mary’s Perfect Imperfections, By: Brian, it’s a surefire personalized winner that your partner will absolutely love.