New Book For Couples Showcasing Your Partner’s Perfect Imperfections

Show off your partner’s imperfections that make your love perfect!

WARNING: Not suitable for those new “everything is peachy” couples. You know who you are.

A Book For Perfectly Imperfect Couples

Dirty clothes left everywhere. Anniversary date amnesia. Taking forever to get ready. STEALING FOOD. We act like we hate it when our partners do these things, but really, we love it. Also, we hate it. But they all prove we know our SO in a way no one else does. And that, we absolutely love.

3 most occurring imperfections as chosen by women and him

The book capture these perfect imperfections in hilarious, personalized memes and (mostly) sweet poems.

Here is what our newest, edgiest book ever has in store…

"Steal my food" perfect imperfections illustration.
"Let's cuddle" perfect imperfections illustration.
"Always late" perfect imperfections illustration.

Keeping It Real

That realness – that honest-to-goodness stuff that sparks a smile on a rainy day – was to become the lynchpin while making this book. It began with the illustrations. For this book, we brought in a new illustrator, the insanely talented Hossein Ojaghi, and developed brand-new characters with a wider range of expressions and a more realistic render.

Learning each other’s imperfections take guts and trust, and surely builds a deeper bond. As soon as that became the core of this book, the ideas came pouring out. Click HERE to check out how all our imperfections – chosen by women and men – rank, and see what most makes us irreplaceable.

Unique and funny personalized book for her

But How is This Book Any Different From 10 Reasons I Love You?

Glad you asked. Check out the video below, where Ryan, the author of both books, explains the main differences between our bestselling books.

Just the act of selecting the right personalized book for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife proves that you know their hearts as well as (or perhaps even better than) your own. Taking time out from your busy day to create a customized gift for them, is really showing how much you care and how much they mean to you.

Though all books differ from each other, their message is the same – I love you. If you need a more detailed description of each and every one of them, check out our personalized couples book variations.

A Little Tight on a Budget? No problem!

Are you on a tight budget this year? We’ve still got you covered! We recommend going for one of our soft cover books, our personalized gift cards for couples or a personalized picture with a frame to complete the gift for your lover!

However, if you have no budget whatsoever but want to surprise your partner with something special nevertheless, you can go for one of our personalized freebies for couples.

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