What do you get the Dad who claims he has everything? It’s the age-old question we ask ourselves every Father’s Day, but this year, LOOK NO FURTHER! Hooray Heroes has you sorted! Our personalized gift for dad, Olivia, You’ll Always Be My Little Girl, is EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

What is it?

In this personalized book, Dad observes 10 precious moments that perfectly encapsulate the exquisite joy of watching your little one grow up right in front of his eyes. It’s incredibly touching because as they grow up and accomplish new things, no matter how old they’ll get, they’ll always be your little boy or girl!

But I’ve got two kids, Got anything for me?

Heck yeah, we do! Introducing our BRAND NEW two-kiddo edition! It’s two times as many kiddos, meaning it’ll be two times as many feels! Dad will never know what hit him with this personalized book featuring both his bundles of joy!

Oh my gosh! That’s so sweet! And customized, too!

You bet it is! Personalize the names and appearances of both Dad and his kiddo or kiddos, down to whether they have freckles or not (like father, like son or daughter!). We’ve even created a way for you to customize what your little one(s) calls dad, whether that be just plain old dad, daddy-o, pops, poppa, or papa!

Two for you, but 3 for me?

Yessireebob! Our Daddy edition just got 3x sweeter! Now featuring not, 1, not 2, but 3 KIDDOS! Imagine all the fun they’ll have (dad too, once he’s done crying) reading a book all about them and their adventures together!

Too cute! Is there anything else to make this even sweeter?

Of course, there is! If you want to take the gift-giving experience to the next level, use WOW! It’s a feature that lets you create your own gift-giving avatar, record your own personalized video dedication, and dad gets to choose the final 5 stories of the book!