#1 Reason People Stay in Love

Our brand-new personalized book for couples has the answer.

Perfect Imperfections

Our newest “I Love You” book for couples is all about the little imperfections your partner has shown you and only you. While these include things that may send some people running, they make you love your partner even more. That said, some of these imperfections do take some getting used to! Yet there you two are – as in love as ever – so they’re clearly things that, as you grow to love them, keep you in love.

So What Keeps Couples in Love?!

We’ve already crunched the number from our bestselling 10 Reasons I Love You book to find out why people fall in love, so this time we’re looking at the most chosen imperfections from our newest couples book. It turns out that, once again, there are some surprising (and pretty funny) gender differences! Check out the 3 most occurring imperfections as chosen by women and men, respectively:

So guys, ask her what she’s planning – she’ll love that you asked! And ladies, have a GPS handy and leave home early so you’re “magically” still on schedule!

Keep Love Real

Tom Robbins once wrote: “The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being.” Check out how all our imperfections – chosen by women and men – rank, and see what most makes us irreplaceable:

So men, your level of messiness is fine, so long as your seduction techniques stay sharp! Women, your movie choices are great, so long as your food thieving continues!

Stay in Love

Interested in how all these stats look? Then check out the book! Preview the whole thing for free HERE! And while you’re there, ask yourself if you see your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend in any of these memes and poems. If you do, maybe they deserve to see it too! The book is fun to make, funner to give and makes a wonderful keepsake of your imperfectly perfect love.