Who doesn’t love free stuff? We certainly do, which is why we have our BRAND-NEW FREEBIES FOR COUPLES available just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Cool! What are they exactly?

They’re Love Coupons that you can personalize with the image of you & your S/O (and your names on the first coupon), print them, cut them out and offer them to your main squeeze. They’ll make the cutest little additions to our amazing personalized book for adults, “Samantha, 10 Reasons I Love You”.

That book is AWESOME! But I’m looking for something SPECIAL!

Spoiling your S/O is what it’s all about, and we’ve got the perfect suggestion: our LIMITED-EDITION version of our personalized Love You Book! It’s got 15 reasons why this time, a reinforced cover, and also comes with a free gift box! Step up your game, and knock their socks off!

Ok, ok, but I’m a bit of a softie. Got something for me?

But, of course!!! We’ve also got the soft-cover edition as well! Either way, Hooray Heroes has you (hard or soft) covered! Bah dum tis…