Our Always Little Series Just Got 2x and 3x Better!

When it comes to our personalized books, we know that the more, the merrier! That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the Daddy edition of our Always Little series featuring not just one child, but two or even three kiddos!

Jeffry, Beth, Rebecca, Daddy Will Always Love You! – 3 Kiddo Edition

Very similar to the 2 kiddo edition, but featuring 3 little rugrats instead of 2! Also, for both of these editions, we reworked all of the poems to make the personalized book’s experience more about the adventures the kiddos and dad will share together as a family!

Sarah, Johnny, Daddy Will Always Love You! – 2 Kiddo Edition

In this heartwarming personalized book for kids, Dad watches as his two kiddos grow up together, sharing their experiences as a family. But, no matter how big they’ll get one day, they’ll always be his little ones. Personalize all the characters’ names and appearances, including what the children call their daddy, choose 10 super-cute stories (or 15 with our add-5-stories option), and write your own personalized dedication!

Katie, You’ll Always Be My Little Girl! – 1 Kiddo Edition

The personalized book for dad and his pride and joy! The book that kicked the whole series off! This edition celebrates those fleeting moments every parent has as they watch their little one growing up. Sure, one day they’ll be able to beat you in 1-on-1, but they’ll always be your little boy or girl, no matter how big they get!