A carousel at a Christmas market somewhere in Europe.

This Year’s Best Low-Cost Christmas Gifts Courtesy of Hooray Heroes

A carousel at a Christmas market somewhere in Europe.
Source: Pixabay

So, Christmas is around the corner, and you’ve found some amazing gifts for the kids and your loved ones. Or maybe you’re still shopping around? In any case, who could ever turn down an affordable way to take your gift from ordinary to extraordinary?

Hooray Heroes Personalized Christmas Cards

In keeping with our wide selection of personalized Christmas books, Hooray Heroes also offers personalized Christmas cards. With a wide variety of cards and personalization options, you’re certain to find the perfect way to wish your family, friends or loved ones a Merry Christmas.

From Child to Adult

With this beautiful, personalized Christmas card, it’s easy for kids to say Happy Holidays to their favorite adults. This card can be customized for moms, dads, or any other special person in their lives including, but not limited to uncles, aunts, teachers, guardians, family friends, godparents, and so on!

From the Whole Family

Want to send a special card to the grandparents? To friends or relatives? Are you looking for something a little different? Then these family cards are for you! Here, you can include two adults and one child as well as your names and a short message to be printed on the inside of the card.

For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, we also have a more general card available for the holidays. Again, two adults and one child are present as well as your names. The best part Is that the front of this card has the characters in the same pose as in our personalized family book making it the perfect add on to this gift!

A Hooray Heroes personalized happy holiday card from families.
Pairs perfectly with our custom book for families!

For Couples

Finally, if you’re planning on giving your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife a little extra attention this year, you might want to consider these personalized Christmas cards for couples. Here, your significant other is pictured with you on the card in an image taken straight from its accompanying custom Christmas book for couples!

The Perfect Freebies for Christmas

If you’re looking for more great deals this holiday season, check out Hooray Heroes’ wide selection of freebies! They’re customizable and totally free – all you need is a printer!

Christmas Coloring Book

Need to keep the kids entertained while you make Christmas dinner? Go for a more laid back and relaxed holiday season with this customizable Christmas coloring book for children. Personalize your kiddo and throw them into a winter wonderland of Christmas trees, tinsel, and Santa Claus!

Pages from a Hooray Heroes personalized coloring book for Christmas.

Coloring Calendar

New year, new resolutions! Join us on a 365-day coloring extravaganza and don’t you dare forget your crayons! We know that this calendar may not actually last the whole year through, but never fear! You can download it as many times as you want!

Pages from a Hooray Heroes customized coloring calendar for kids.

Parent of the Year Plaques

Celebrate Mom or Dad with this Parent of the Year award! It’s an amazing way to mark a year full of happiness and love! Personalize your special person and write in their name to complete it. There’s no wrong day for such a lovely surprise.

For Dad

Free personalized Hooray Heroes father of the year plaques.

For Mom

Free personalized Hooray Heroes mother of the year plaques.

Personalized Coupons

For Couples

Show your significant other how much you love them with these free personalized love coupons! We’ve selected 11 small gestures that we think your partner will love like Cuddle Session, Home-Cooked Meal, Weekend Getaway, and the ever popular, You Win the Argument.
These vouchers are available for ALL couples!

For Mom

A mother’s dedication and love for her little one begins long before birth and lasts a lifetime. So why not surprise her with personalized coupons just for her? Customize yourselves the same as in the accompanying book for Mom “I Love You Mom” and wait for your coupons to hit your email inbox. You can even create coupons for Mom from her child, in the same style as our “Happy Mommy Day” book for Mommy from Father and child.

There’s no reason to wait a minute longer! Order a personalized Christmas card and take advantage of all of our freebies! They’re sure to make the Christmas magic last all year long.