Kids and animals watching Santa coming in his sleigh - a personalized Christmas book for siblings from Hooray Heroes.

How To Tell Your Kids The Truth About Santa

Kids and animals watching Santa coming in his sleigh - a personalized Christmas book for siblings from Hooray Heroes.

Kids love Christmas and everything about it. The miracles like the chubby Santa coming through the chimney and flying reindeer are a big part of the holiday’s allure. As a consequence, it may be very disappointing for a child to hear that it’s not all like they pictured it. Read about the best ways to tell your kids where their presents come from, plus some Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Is It The Right Time?

A daddy and his daughter sitting in front of a fireplace for Christmas - the best personalized xmas gift.

Most parents find it best to tell their kids the truth before they hear it from somebody else like a classmate, an older sibling, or on TV. The fact is that nobody is going to be as considerate and gentle as parents and the truth might be quite harsh for the kids. It may lead them to question other “facts” like baby-carrying storks and tooth fairies etc. So first and foremost, take your time and break the news to your little ones. They’ll appreciate it coming from you.

Will they be able to keep a secret?

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If you’ve got more than one kid, it’s very important to make sure that the older ones don’t spill the beans to the little ones. Not only that, the kid is ready for the truth about Santa when they’re mature enough to not tell all the other kids in school or kindergarten. The best plan is to make them come on board and become part of “Team Santa” for their little sister and brother. Encourage them to help you choose and get the gifts ready for Christmas. That way they’ll love the fact that it’s you who gets them all these amazing Christmas gifts.

How Do We Tell Them? What Do We say?

An illustration from the best Christmas book for kids from Hooray Heroes.

When it comes to the question “Is Santa real?”, there are two ways to go about answering it. The first one is to put it plainly and say that Santa doesn’t exist and that parents are the ones who get the gifts. The other option is to say that Santa is real, but he’s not a bearded old friendly man who travels around the world in a sleigh. You could say that Santa is millions and millions of people throughout the Globe who love their family and friends.
Santa is that love that they feel and the spirit of giving to others that live in their hearts.
Let your kids know that it’s something inside us that keeps the magic of Christmas alive, not something from the North Pole.

TIP: At this point, it’s good to teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas, so that they understand where the custom of giving to others comes from.

How Do We Justify Having Lied To Them?

An illustration from the best XMAS book for kids from Hooray Heroes.

It should be noted that the kids might be upset about having been lied to. Don’t worry or feel too guilty. Tell them that you used Santa to teach them to believe in something that you cannot see or touch. They will quickly understand that Santa is a nice way to make Christmas more fun for little kids. However, the time has now come for them to move from the group that believes in Santa to the one that helps Santa. Without a doubt, there will be questions, tears, or even shock, but after a few days, they’ll come to terms with the truth. They might even love the fact that they’re growing up and starting to learn how to keep secrets.

Meaningful Gift Ideas For Kids

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Since your child is now on “Team Santa”, helping make Christmas more magical for others, it’s time to teach them about meaningful gift-giving. Firstly, teach them about the importance of being generous and thoughtful. Encourage them to think about others and to ask themselves questions like: “What would make this person happy?” and “What do they enjoy?” Secondly, show them how to shop responsibly, sensibly, and most importantly, sustainably.

Get Them A Gift That Strengthens Bonds

Last but not least, setting an example of a great gift-giver helps kids understand the truth about Santa. Show them how good it feels to give by helping them choose Heartfelt, honest and unique Christmas gifts. Personalized Christmas books for kids, parents, grandparents, and pets make for exactly that. Check out the wonderful range of personalized Christmas gifts available at Hooray Heroes.

Good luck, moms and dads! Take it easy and remember: “Pretty much all the truth-telling in the world is done by children.” They’ll understand.