An illustrated picture of Christmas stockings, candy canes and snowflakes.

The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for People and Pets This Christmas

An illustrated picture of Christmas stockings, candy canes and snowflakes.
Source: Pixabay

It’s Christmastime and you’ve got all of your gifts ready! Right? Oh no. You forgot about the stocking stuffers again, didn’t you? Well, if you’ve found yourself stuck trying to stuff some stockings, look no further! Whether it’s for Mom, Dad, a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids or your furriest of friends, we’ve got some great ideas that are sure to please!

Amazingly Fun Stocking Stuffers…

For the Special People in Your Life

1. Care Package of Their Favorite Snacks, Chocolates or Candy

An illustration of a man eating as he sits comfortably on a recliner from a personalized book for same-sex couples.
There’s no better time than snack time – an illustration from our bestselling custom book for couples!

You really can’t go wrong with a good snack, can you? While many of us tend to receive the same old humdrum milk chocolate Santas year after year, you can go one step further and pick up whatever it is their heart (or stomach) desires. The best part is, you can get fancy and order gourmet snacks online easily enough or just pick them up the next time you head out for groceries. No extra shopping trip required!

2. Custom Mobile Wallpaper

Does such a thing even exist? You had better believe it! There are plenty of places online that will help you get started, but the easiest, by far is Hooray Heroes’ line of FREE personalized phone wallpaper. We’ve got them for Moms or Dads and one child, for couples, and for 2 or 3 siblings, friends, or cousins! They take seconds to make and will hit your email inbox faster than you can say Merry Christmas! You can either send them via email or even print it out and leave it in their stocking as an amazing little surprise with a real personal touch!

3. Kinetic Sand

A child with hands full of blue kinetic sand.

Source: Pixabay

Whether you’re 3 or 93, there’s no one who doesn’t love the calming sensory experience of playing with kinetic sand! It comes in so many glorious colors, it’s a great way to relax and get creative! It’s also a great replacement for toys that will likely become “boring” over time. This moldable sand can become just about anything – there’s just no end to what you (or the kids) can do! If you’re looking for a decent DIY project this year, this sand can actually be made at home with a few (meaning 3) common, household ingredients!

4. Custom Posters or Pictures

Another amazing way to fill stockings this year is with a personalized poster or picture! There are lots of different options, but we’re mostly partial to the Hooray Heroes personalized pictures (which even come with a frame!). There are options for families, grandparents and couples along with a few that are Christmas-themed! If you’re trying to fill your kids’ stockings on a budget this year, you could also opt for our FREE personalized posters for 2 or 3 kids! All you need to do is select a product and customize the characters to your liking! What could be easier?

A collage of the custom pictures offered by Hooray Heroes.

5. Fun, Super Cozy Christmas Socks

What could be more Christmassy than a snuggly pair of socks to get you through the cold winter months? While this might seem a bit of a cliché stocking stuffer, we don’t think it will ever really go out of style! Especially, when you go for something a bit more fun! No one ever said that Christmas socks had to be boring, and they really shouldn’t be. Besides it’ll be another reason for everyone to smile as they compare socks on Christmas morning!

6. Personalized Book

A selection of personalized books available at Hooray Heroes.

Customized books are all the rage right now and it’s not really so surprising. They’re DIY gifts that come with a personal touch. Why? Well, because you make them yourself! They are wonderfully simple to create and tick all of the boxes for the perfect Christmas gift. You’ve got some fabulous options to choose from: books for moms, dads, families, couples, siblings, grandparents, pets, and even Christmas-themed books! All of the details are up to you! The book (all of which you can preview online for free), the character appearances, cover type, the stories in your book and the order they appear in. As if that weren’t enough, there’s even space for you to write your very own dedication (or include one of our pre-written ones!).

7. Craft Kits

Lots of blue items used in craft or hobby projects on a blue background.

Source: Pixabay

Need something to keep the kids’ hands busy? Or maybe something to force a certain someone to relax? Well, craft kits may just be the answer. They come in a variety of different mediums and are available for both children and adults! It can be a great way to get someone’s mind off their troubles and do something productive at the same time! It’s an absolute win-win and you might be helping a loved one uncover a talent that they never knew they had!

8. Gift Card to Favorite Store

Source: Pixabay

Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. It’s not nearly as mindless a gift as all that. What we think is that it’s all about the store you get it from. To be honest, would you really mind a trip to your favorite store, knowing that you won’t be footing the bill yourself? Of course you wouldn’t! Gift cards have the potential to be truly thoughtful gifts, but only if you know the person well enough. If it still doesn’t feel personal enough, you can try tweaking the delivery system in the form of our next entry.

9. Personalized Christmas Card

The best addition to any git may just be one of our beautiful personalized Christmas cards. They’re festive, fun and oh so cute. It’s an adorable way to surprise the ones you love with a one-of-a-kind gift made just for them. As always, you choose the card template, customize the characters and write the dedication of your choice to be printed on the inside!

10. A Mini-Cocktail Set

A Christmas cocktail, a stocking stuffer idea for adults.

Source: Pixabay

When it comes to stocking stuffers for adults, there are a few sure things and a mini cocktail set is definitely one of them. While full sized bottles can be devastatingly expensive (and don’t necessarily fit in the stocking), mini versions offers you the chance to buy someone a drink without having to leave the house! Their small size also makes it easier to get someone to try something new. If you’re not into buying a kit online, it’s not hard to find miniature versions of the ingredients elsewhere. All you need to know is what their favorite cocktail is!

11. A Special Christmas Ornament

A cat swiping at a Christmas ornament on the tree.

Source: Pixabay

While you might think you have enough ornaments on your tree, we’d say there’s always space for a couple more. Especially if they are specially selected for the recipient! These days, it’s easy to find ornaments to match every hobby and interest out there! From fishing-themed ornaments to Star Wars ones, there’s no way you won’t find something for everyone! And the best part is that everyone will have to find their own place of honor for the newest festive addition to the tree!

12. Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers

A number of different bath bombs on display in a store.

Source: Pixabay

The gift of time to yourself can be a truly precious one these days. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, finding time for self-care can be next to impossible. If you know someone who loves a warm bath after a cold day, a cute, relaxing bath bomb could be just what the doctor ordered. But what do I do if they don’t have a tub, you ask? Well, no problem! In that case, you should grab them a few shower steamers instead! Instead of offering the skin benefits of a bath bomb, shower steamers provide some (we’re guessing) much needed aromatherapy instead and are meant to be used in the shower! Infused with essential oils to energize, elicit relaxation, and more, there’s one for every mood!

13. Coloring Books

Sample pages from a personalized Christmas coloring book for kids.

Coloring books can be a fun way for kids and adults alike to spend their free time, but did you know that they also have mental health benefits? Some promising research shows that coloring can reduce stress and anxiety, boost your ability to meditate, help you sleep, and more! Hooray Heroes offers some beautifully fun, personalized coloring books for kids (big and small) and they are all free! We even have one that’s perfect for Christmas! All you need to do is customize your character and within minutes, your coloring book will sent directly to your email inbox. Fortunately, coloring books are no longer made just for kids, but for adults as well, so you’re guaranteed to find the right one without much effort!

14. Card Games

A number of red and blue playing cards laying face down.

Source: Pixabay

Card games are a great way to encourage family time, no matter how old or young you all are. The wonderful thing about them is that, besides the cards, you rarely need anything else and once you all know the rules, games like this can be an engaging way to spend time together. And even better, they’re usually very portable, so you can take them with you just about anywhere and keep everyone happy without a single screen in sight! All you need to do is select one based on the abilities and ages of your family (those of you with teenage or adult children may want to try something cheekier) and you’re all set!

15. Coupon Booklets

Finally, another great way to fill up space in a stocking is with a coupon booklet. They can be any shape or size and can contain whatever you like for whomever you like! They can be amazingly fun to make yourself, but if you’re too busy (or not artistically inclined), you can also check out ours! Our personalized coupons are totally free and take minutes to create. Currently available for couples, and for Mom from her child or adult child, these coupons can be an unexpected way to say I love you. Personalized the characters on our website and in less time than it takes to wrap a gift, your coupons will be in your email inbox waiting to be printed!

For Your Four-Legged Bestie

1. Personalized Mobile Wallpaper for Pets

Want to carry the love you and your pet have for each other with you everywhere you go? Now you can (provided you don’t lose your phone)! Instead of simply having a photo of you and your furry friend on your lock screen, why not give our free mobile wallpaper a try? The results are always painfully sweet and it will look like you went out and had a custom piece of artwork made just for you (or your kiddo) and your dog or cat! If you really want to get it into a stocking, all you have to do is download the file from your inbox and print it once you finish customizing your characters! You could even frame it hang it above their food bowl!

2. Paw Glass or Bowl (or both!)

Source: Pixabay

Does your pet currently suffer the horrors of eating from an old food bowl? Well, upgrading their dinnerware is easy enough with the large selection out there. However, we’re pretty partial to these paw shaped bowls! They are wonderfully modern and add a little something special to your pet’s eating space. Want something of your own? Well, these paw shaped glasses (for humans only) are the very cutest way to enjoy a drink while you cuddle your pet on the sofa!

3. Pet Booties

A black and white dog lying on a wooden deck with red boots on.

Source: Pixabay

While they might not seem like a real gift for your pet (they probably won’t like them at first), believe us, these things can be a real paw-saver. Should your pet be the type to venture out (either with you or on their own) then these might be a good idea to keep their tender tootsies safe. Winter can be difficult on any animal’s feet, which can be sensitive to both temperature and hazards alike. While it isn’t the best idea to have your pet in them all the time, the combination of cold weather and snow can wreak havoc on their pads. Not only that, but the salt and other chemicals used to melt snows on city roads can also be quite aggressive causing cracking and pain if their feet aren’t regularly rinsed. Don’t think these booties are just for dogs either! Our precious kitties are just as worthy of having snuggly warm footsies!

4. Treat Mats

Source: Pixabay

These mats are probably one of the best things to happen to pets (and their owners) in recent years! These feeding mats boast a number of benefits for both cats and dogs from simple entertainment to slowing their ingestion of food, improving their oral heath and decreasing anxiety and boredom. Essentially, the mat is flat with raised patterns covering the surface that make removing food from it complicated (for your pet, at least!). Your job here is to smear your pet’s favorite wet food all over it and then leave them to lick it off! Not only is your pet distracted, but also left to puzzle out the best way to lap up everything in sight, stimulating their minds as well as their tummies!

5. Pet Sweaters

A slightly irritated white cat wearing a red sweater.

Source: Pixabay

Who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas sweater? Simply put, they are amazing and for everyone – even your dog or cat! Should you have a furry friend that gets chilly outside or even inside in the evening, a cuddly sweater might be just the ticket. Particularly important if you have geriatric pet, a warm coat or sweater can really make a difference once the temperature drops. Really, if you’re throwing one on before you pop out, why not have one for your pet?

6. A Personalized Book

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between a gift for your pet or yourself, so we said “Why not both?” This customized book is absolutely the gift for a devoted pet and pet owner. though you can technically gift this to a child who has a special bond with their cat or dog, it’s just as easy to get it for yourself! In this amazing custom storybook, you and your pet go on some absolutely wild adventures together! Here, you customize not only yourself or your child, but also your pet by inserting their name, selecting a body shape, coloring, and gender! The end result is something that will forever portray, in stunning detail, the bond that can exist between human and animal.

7. Christmas Pet Treats

Homemade dog treats in the shape of bones.

Source: Pixabay

One thing that can be said about most pets is that they are (almost) always hungry. When they’re not sleeping, that is. Ok. Maybe even then. In any case, it’s hard to think of a time when they are not up for a snack. While there are tons and tons of cat and dog snacks on the market, the reality is that we rarely ever really know (or understand) what is in them. So then, what’s the alternative? Make them yourself of course! Christmas is the time of year for baking, so why not whip up a batch or two of something yummy for your four-legged friend? There may be a bit of trial and error with pickier pets, but with so many recipes out there for doggy and kitty snacks, we’re sure a little research will have them licking their lips in no time!

Still Looking for Inspiration?

A child in red and white striped socks and a christmas dress stands on her tiptoes next to a xmas tree.

Still in need of an idea or two? Don’t worry. We’re got you covered! Check out our lines of personalized books and gifts for more! And most importantly, have a Merry Christmas!