I Love You Mom Personalized Book for Moms from Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes’ Bestselling Personalized Books

Learn more about the 6 books that have sold 3 million copies worldwide

Hooray Heroes was founded on the belief that personalized gifts are best. Why give something you plucked off a shelf when you can blow the recipient away with names, images, and words created especially for them? The response from our fans has shown us that we’re not alone in this belief. Check out the 6 books that have been personalized the most.

When Noah Grows Up

The Original Viral Tear-Jerker

What do you want to be when you grow up? In answering that question, this book started the crying dad viral phenomenon and made our books the go-to gift for sentimental occasions. Its recipe is simple, but very effective: vibrant illustrations, emotional poems, and the parent-child bond on every page. As with all our books, you name and create the appearances of both dad and kid (who appear on every page!) and choose 10 or 15 stories. Also available for Mom!

Aaron, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy

The #1 Bestseller

While “Grows Up” imagines parent and child in imaginative settings (kiddo as a police officer, painter, pilot, and more), “Always Little” focuses on real-life moments. These include riding a bike, cooking together, and splashing around in the pool. But of course, they’re about so much more than that. As parents, we know we have to enjoy these moments before we blink and they become memories. This book is here to help you remember them. Also available for Moms, families, grandparents and two &three kids!

The Davidson Family

Your Family as Fish, Cavemen, and so much more!

Grows Up” and “Always Little” get parents crying, but we know that’s not for everyone. Some families just want some goofy goodnight reading! That’s where this book comes in. In it, you choose 10 or 15 imaginative scenarios – like being gigantic, in the future, or in the human brain – and plop your family in and see what happens! Arguably our funnest book to read and look at, it does have one thing in common with our other bestsellers – it highlights your family’s unbreakable bond. Available for a family of three, four or five!

Marshall, 10 Reasons I Love You

Our Bestselling Book for Couples

Creating and giving a personalized book is fun – but what if you don’t have kids? Enter “10 Reasons I Love You”! In this, you personalize yourself and your partner and tell them the 10 reasons they’re the love of your life. Each reason – ranging from how they always have your back to how good a kisser they are – is depicted in a fun, adorable way. Can’t wait till Valentine’s Day to give it? No problem! We also have Anniversary, Wedding, and Christmas Editions! And don’t forget our shiny 15 Reason Deluxe Edition!

The Pawsome Adventures of Blake and Milo

Our Bestseller for Pets

If you’re worried that our books only cover the special bond between people, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about dogs and cats! In “Pawsome Adventures”, you get to celebrate your pet in an awesome way. More specifically, your dog or cat narrates as the two of you get shot from a cannon, go skydiving, travel through time, and more! This book is perfect for pet owners of all ages, and we’re constantly adding new pet personalization options!

I Love You, Mom

Our Epic Book For Epic Moms

We owe our moms so much, and they deserve to know it! This book – our newest bestseller – shows your mom how much you appreciate her now by revisiting all her incredible contributions to your childhood. We took some liberties with how epic your mom looked while you were growing up (flip through it – words don’t do these illustrations justice!) and made this book as eloquent and sentimental as possible. Because your mom deserves it. Available for sons and daughters to give to their moms.

So there you have it – a book for everyone on any occasion! If you still need more convincing, check out our reviews and user videos to see why our books make awesome gifts. They’re all available to fully preview for free and they’re all fun and easy to make. If you’d prefer to try a free sample first, don’t miss our range of freebies for dads, moms, couples, birthday celebrations and many more. We can’t wait to welcome you to our story!