How to write the perfect dedication?

A guide for making a personalized book even more special

So, you’ve designed both characters, chosen the stories, and now you’re starring at the screen trying to think of a way to make really good use of the dedication page. The fastest and the easiest way is to choose one of the prewriten ones, but sometimes they just don’t work for you. And as we have read through hundreds of thousands of reviews, here’s what WE think makes the best ones.

1. They’re coded

Are you and whoever the book is for in a relationship where you use your own “secret language«? Use that language. It’s a sure-fire way to make the dedication really personal (and fun). Even in you don’t, you can include some bits and pieces of a story you share. Oh, and NICKNAMES! It’s so cute when you use them.

2. They’re eternal

We’re not saying that to scare you, we’re just hoping to inspire you. This means even if you are giving the book to a young child, you can write a message they will keep close to heart when they grow up. So don’t let their current age limit you.

3. It’s optimistic

It’s impossible to know what the future holds for all of us, but we are certain you wish all the best for your little whippersnapper and their parent. So tell them. Tell them about all the little things you want them to experience (together).

4. Follow a certain tone

Will your dedication be poetic? Will it be emotional? Funny (this works great, check some of our favorites here). This rule works great, but don’t be afraid to break it! An emotional dedication with a funny interlude? We can see whoever reading it burst into laughter in the middle of happy tears for sure!

5. Say what you don’t say enough

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, and we often get too busy to really tell each other how much we love, cherish, and appreciate them. Writing a dedication is the perfect opportunity to really say how you feel. And the best part? They get to read it again and again.

6. Include your little hero’s words

This is mostly for writing a dedication if the book is for your partner. If they’re old enough to talk, ask your kiddo or kiddos for advice. They might surprise you with their wisdom, touch you with their innocence, or make you laugh. Either way, it’s a nice touch to quote their message for mommy or daddy in the book.

Think about the occasion, who the dedication is for, and who it’s from. But above all else, if we have to summarize all of the above into only one point: make it personal.