A grandmother kisses her granddaughter who has given her a personalized book for Christmas.

The Best Christmas Gift for Grandma This Year

A grandmother kisses her granddaughter who has given her a personalized book for Christmas.

Christmas is near and you’re struggling to find a Xmas gift for one of the most important people in your life – Grandma. Let’s delve into some of the heartfelt Christmas gifts you could give Granny this year!

Personalized Books

Granny, I’ll Always Be Your Little Charlotte

Whether you make it for her and a grandchild or for her and you (you were little once too, right?), this personalized book is sure to tug on Granny’s heartstrings something fierce.

You select and insert her nickname (Granny, Grams, Nana,…), the name of the child, customize the characters, select the stories, choose the cover type, and write a sweet dedication!

Hands down, our book for Grandma is bound to inspire smiles, hugs, and maybe a happy tear or two. This holiday gift idea is downright incredible! 

I Love You Grandma

If you’re an adult who’s always looked up to their grandmother, we’ve got just the thing -an incredible personalized book for grandmas that isan unbelievably unique Christmas gift.

In this custom book for grandmothers, you get to choose the reasons why grandma is your hero.

So give some of the love back in this super cute, emotional and beautifully honest personalized book for grandmothers.

Granny, Grandpa, I’ll Always Be Your Little Benjamin

Are you looking for a Christmas gift that doesn’t leave Grandpa out? Then check out Granny, Grandpa, I’ll Always Be Your Little Benjamin!, which includes grandpa and up to three grandchildren!

The grandma and grandpa avatars from a custom book for grandparents, the perfect christmas gift for grandma.
Customize all of the characters yourself!

Not only do you get to personalize granny and grandpa, but all of the kids too! Look how cute they are!

A selection of illustrations from a custom book for grandparents, the perfect christmas gift for grandma.

Furthermore, you get to select 10 stories that describe your favorite grandparent-grandchildren activities. Top it all off with the perfect dedication and you’re all set!

Personalized Puzzle

A collection of personalized puzzles, an amazing xmas gift for granny.

How about something a little different this Christmas? Like a unique jigsaw puzzle for grandparents and grandchild!

An assortment of personalized puzzles, the perfect addition to any Christmas gift.

All three of them are sure to love assembling their very own personalized puzzle featuring their names and appearances!

Personalized Picture With Frame

A number of personalized pictures hanging on a wall with different motifs.

Are Granny’s walls looking a bit bare? Why not spruce things up this Christmas with a custom picture of her, Grandpa and her granchild?

A personalized picture of grandparents and grandchild in a beautiful frame, the best xmas gift for grandma.

This personalized work of art comes in a premium 100% linden wood frame, so it’s ready to hang the second it arrives!

Free Personalized Coupons

Personalized coupons for moms.

When was the last time you really took the time to show Grandma how much you appreciate her? We know, we know – life is hectic, but there’s no time like Christmastime to make it right!

Free customizable coupons for mom or grandma.

Simply customize the two of you and you’ll receive these FREE personalized coupons via email to stuff her stocking with! These 11 coupons will leave you with no excuse not to enjoy some quality time!

With so many fabulous gifts to choose from, you’re sure to find the right gift to tug at her heartstrings. But we all know the truth. At the end of the day, the very best gift for Grandma is you!

Need a Gift for Grandpa Instead?

A family gives gramdpa a personalized book for him and his granddaughter, the perfect christmas gift.

We’ve got you covered! Check out our amazing personalized books for Grandpa and grandchildren here!