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10 Reasons Why Grandparents Are The Best

You might have to show them how to use the remote control or how to scroll through their phone book countless times, but in return, they’ll provide you with the limitless amounts of food. And knowledge. And advice… That’s exactly what makes grandparents so GRAND! They haven’t done anything but show unconditional love since the day you were born, and they’ll probably do so forever.

So without further ado, here are just 10 reasons why elders are, and always will be, adored by their grandkids.

1. They’re the greatest story-tellers

Not only do they tell the embarrassing stories about parents to their grandkids, but they also make sure to keep the family history alive by providing insight about their ancestors. And when they don’t have any stories based on real events, they come up with the best fiction.

2. They say “yes” even when mommy or daddy say “no”

Sure, you can get that toy!  Wanna go climb the tree out in the back garden?  Of course, you can! It’s almost a given that if mom and dad say no, go ask grandma or grandpa, and that “no” magically turns into a “yes”.

3. They don’t mind reading your child’s favourite book over and over

Sick of going over the same stories over and over again? Granny or Grandpa never mind taking one for the team. And if you’re on the look-out for their new favourite book to read together, we’ve got you covered.

4. The candy jar is never empty

Chocolate cookies for breakfast? Brownies for lunch? Or maybe ice cream for dinner? We’re not saying it’s healthy, but it sure is a treat which they somehow make you think is acceptable.

5. Your plate can’t ever be empty

Number 5 is tightly connected to the previous one. When you visit your grandparents it’s an absolute must that they feed you as much as they can. Which can sometimes result in you rolling out of your grandmother’s house.

6. They’re a walking-talking book of knowledge

Being alive for such a long time, life teaches them a thing or two. During all that time they acquired skills which they can pass onto their grandchildren. And we mean those that they teach them in school, too.

7. They give good advice

With all they’ve lived through and experienced, this wealth of knowledge gives them incredible insight into what to do when you’re stuck or out of ideas.  True, they might not be up-to-date on all the latest trends on TikTok, but if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, grandparents have a knack for finding the best solutions.

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8. They’re always proud of their grandkids

Around your grandparents, you could just hit one correct string on your guitar and they’d make you feel like Jimi Hendrix. There’s no one prouder than Grandparents when it comes to their grandchildren’s accomplishments. They sure make the cutest combo.

Grandparents Book Hooray Heroes

9. They can call your parents out

It can be quite satisfying watching grandparents bossing your parents around for a change. They’re the ultimate bosses and your lifeline when mom and dad are being completely irrational.

10. They’re good listeners

Not only are they great advice-givers, but they’re also eager to hear about the tiniest minute of your life.  From how work was that day to the story about that one time a long time ago, they’re ready to hear whatever it is you’ve got to say.

We wanted to acknowledge the important role grandparents play in the lives of their kids and grandkids, that’s why it was just a matter of time until we released a book dedicated solely to them and their little ones

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