A grandmother, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, getting a birthday cake on her birthday.

What’s The Best Birthday Gift For Grandparents? A Personalized Book!

They tell you over and over again that they don’t need anything. They say: all we want is more time with you. But their birthday is fast approaching and you’d still like to give some of the love and attention back.

Get them the best birthday gift ever: a personalized book for grandparents!

A grandmother, surrounded by children and grandchildren, getting a cake on her birthday.

What if we told you that you could give your grandma or grandpa both the gift of your time and a heartwarming keepsake in one birthday gift? Read more to find out why a personalized book is the best birthday gift for grandparents.

Give them memories

Grandparents live for memories! Take them on a trip down memory lane and remind them of years past. Choose the 10 sweetest memories of your childhood your share with your grandmother and grandfather and put them in one of our bestselling personalized books for grandmother, grandfather, or both together.

The cover of the best personalized books for grandparents by Hooray Heroes.

What does that mean?

Personalizing a book means choosing the personalization options on our webpage in such a way that the avatar looks just like you when you were a child + your grandfather and/or your grandmother back in the day!

Check out the video below to see how to make a personalized birthday gift.

What are the stories about?

The stories in the personalized book for grandparents talk about the loving support your grandparents gave you and how they helped you become the person you are today.

A personalized illustration of grandparents and their grandchild as a baby.
Remind them of the day they saw you for the first time!
A personalized illustration of a grandchild listening to a grandparent reading a book.
Tell them how much the stories they told you stuck with you …
A personalized illustration of a grandchild cooking.
and how much you loved cooking with them!
A personalized illustration of grandparents pushing a grandson on a swing.
Let them know that you can’t imagine your life without them.

Let them know why grandparents are the best!

Will they like it?

You can be sure of that! Your grandpa won’t be able to hold back the tears when he sees that you still remember how he taught you to ride a bike. And your grandma won’t stop talking about the book to her friends on the phone.

Check out the smiling faces of the grandparents who already received a personalized book by Hooray Heroes for their birthday.

Hurry up! Personalize your grandmother, your grandfather and yourself, choose the stories that remind you of all the beautiful moments you spent together when you were growing up, write a beautiful dedication and win the competition for the best grandchild ever!

Would you like to include your kid?

No problem! Personalize your little one and their grandmother, grandfather, or both of them, and let your kid be the one that makes Granny and Pawpaw cry happy tears on their birthday!

A happy family sitting on the couch and making a selfie with a personalized book for grandparents by Hooray Heroes.

TIP: All personalized books for grandparents are a great birthday gift for great-grandparents too, since you get to choose any nickname for them you want!

Got 2 or 3 kids?

We’ve got you covered! Choose the personalized book for grandparents of 2 or 3 kids and teach them to give amazing birthday gifts. Imagine grandma and grandpa seeing an animated personalized family photo of themselves and all of their grandchildren. Get those tissues ready!

This year, give your grandparents more than just a quick call on their birthday. Get them the most personal birthday gift ever: a personalized book for grandparents, available for grandmothers, grandfathers, or both grandparents and up to 3 kids.

Show them how much you care in an original way and make their birthday unforgettable!