A room full of toys, balloons and a personalized birthday book by Hooray Heroes.

5 Timeless Birthday Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

A new survey reveals that, on average, a child loses interest in a toy after just 11 hours of play. Don’t worry. There is an alternative. Keep on reading to find out which birthday gifts for kids stand the test of time.

A children's room with a lot of toys.

Parents throughout the world have realized that the only birthday gift that won’t loose the allure is a personalized book.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a personalized book?

It’s a book where you change the animated character on a web page so it looks just like you, your child, a pet, etc. You choose the gender, insert the names and change the hairstyle, the skin tone, the color of the eyes, etc. to resemble the birthday boy or girl.

Why do kids love it?

Firstly, kids love seeing themselves in a book! They know books from an early age, but they never imagine they could be the main character of one! Moreover, understanding that they’re the star of the story helps build a kid’s self-esteem and keeps them interested in the birthday gift for a long time.

Want to see how to do it?

Where do I get a personalized book?

New personalized books companies are emerging every day. There are various kinds of books you can choose from, depending on what your kid’s interests are, which birthday they’re celebrating, and which other characters you want to include in the book.

So without further ado, let’s get to the 5 best birthday gifts for children who already have everything they could ever wish for.

1. Happy Birthday Book

Since you’re looking for a birthday present, you may want to get a personalized birthday book that is 2 in 1 – a nice read and a birthday card! Choose the birthday wishes you want in your book and add a heartfelt dedication to mark the occasion. Are you curious to see which celebrity has chosen the personalized birthday book for her daughter’s first birthday? Find out here.

A little boy with the personalized birthday book by Hooray Heroes.

TIP: Add a cute birthday card and throw an awsome birthday party! Let your little one see what birthdays are all about.

2. The Pawsome Adventures

Does your birthday boy or girl share an incredible bond with their pet? There is a personalized book that lets you personalize both your child and their cat or dog. Choose between hundreds of pet personalization options and epitomize the pawesome friendship!

3. The Adventures of Jayce and Riley

Looking for a birthday gift for twins? No problem. There are plenty of personalized books for twins that describe the double trouble you can’t seem to get enough. They’ll love reading about their everyday adventures and most importantly, you’ll be giving them a bonding experience!

Two children reading a Hooray Heroes personalized siblings book together.

Need a book for more than 2 kids? Check out the personalized book for up to 5 kids!

4. Hooray! You did it!

Haven’t kept a baby diary? It’s all good. You can still store all of your child’s »firsts« in a book and give it to them for their 1st birthday. Think 30 years from now … The milestone book is going to be an incredible souvenir of your kid’s childhood.

5. You’ll Always Be My Little Boy / You’ll Always Be My Little Girl

If you want a truly personal personalized book, include yourself alongside your child and tell them they’ll always be your little one, no matter how many birthdays they’ve already had. In addition, this book, available for both mommies and daddies, is also an incredible birthday gift idea for parents.

Still thinking of buying yet another toy for your kid’s birthday? Think again.

To sum up, kids grow up and forget toys all too fast!
Buy a timeless birthday gift for kids which is a cute plaything for them now and will be an emotional keepsake for you later. A personalized book will be a precious souvenir of your kids’ childhood long after they’ve stopped reading it and even after they’ve already left the nest.