Personalized Happy Birthday book by Hooray Heroes.

What Is A Personalized Birthday Book?

Personalized Birthday Book: this summer’s buzzword.

Want to know what it means? Keep on reading to finally get to the bottom of this year’s most popular birthday gift.

The personalized Happy Birthday book from Hooray Heroes - the best personalized birthday gift.


It means that you get to create your own book! Choose the book you love the most on our webpage. Think about the birthday boy or girl you’re creating the book for. What color are their eyes? How long is their hair? Is it curly or straight? Pick the right personalization options to make the star of your personalized book look just like them!

Check out the process in the video below.

Happy Birthday

Make your favorite birthday boy or girl’s birthday special by giving them a special birthday-themed personalized book!

Choose 10 birthday wishes that you want them to receive.

Choose the stories for your personalized birthday book by Hooray Heroes.

Would you like a dog to teach them how to be energetic?

A dragon to show them how to be brave?

A bee to inspire them to be persistent?

An owl to instruct them in curiosity?

Personalize the birthday boy or girl, choose the cute, wild, funny, or magnificent animals and the wisdom they possess, and create the best personalized birthday gift ever!

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Add a dedication

For the best emotional impact of your personalized birthday book, make sure to add a heartfelt personal dedication.

If you don’t always know what to say, opt for one of the prewritten dedications we offer on our website and bring it home like a pro gift-giver.

Hooray Heroes' prewritten dedication for the personalized birthday book.

Want to write the dedication yourself? Find inspiration here.

Celebrities Love It!

You’ve heard us right. The international superstar Khloé Kardashian with more than 265 million people following her Instagram profile gave a personalized birthday book by Hooray Heroes to her daughter True for her 1st birthday!

See what she had to say about it in an IG story.

Discover which other celebrities love Hooray Heroes’ books.

The production

After you’ve done your part (personalizing, choosing stories, and writing), Hooray Studios steps in. See how and where the magic happens below!

See? It’s super easy!

Now hurry up and get your Hooray Heroes personalized birthday book in time for the next birthday party you’re attending.

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