Khloé Kardashian got True a personalized Hooray Heroes book for her 1st birthday!

Can Khloé Kardashian plan our birthday party, too? April 12th was True Thompson’s 1st birthday, and proud momma Khloé went the whole nine yards to help her commemorate year 1. A massive heart-shaped balloon assemblage, pink hydrangea and rose floral arrangements accented with unicorns, and custom shades with “True’s Bday” on the frames were just some of the glam and glitz added to create this pastel-tinged birthday wonderland!

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Why We’re So Excited

A specific gift True got, however, really caught our eye. The jewel-encrusted castle was pretty amazing, we must admit, and who wouldn’t want one of those, but there was something else that really caught our attention. If you didn’t see it, our personal pick for best gift had to go to “Happy Birthday, True!”, our best-selling personalized children’s book made just for birthdays!

Wanna See Inside?

Our jaws hit the floor as we checked Instagram! We knew our books make amazing presents for all occasions, especially for birthdays, but this was something else! These books are fantastic gifts. You pick the gender, add the birthday boy or girl’s name, then personalize their appearance so that it looks just like the birthday hero or heroine. You can also write a heartfelt dedication to really bring it home. It’s super simple, but it’s a gift that’ll last a lifetime! Khloé loved it, and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Happy Birthday True!