Yes, we just spotted another celebrity enjoying our books! Another one is not just any one, it’s THE one – DJ KHALED! 

Hi! I’m Filip, and I work in Hooray Heroes’ marketing department. One of my jobs is to scour through social media and find celebrities that we believe would enjoy our books. Throughout the past few months, I’ve put together quite a list of celebs who’ve shared our books on their social media after sending it to them: Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian, Anderson .Paak, David Beckham … just to name a few.

You never know what’s coming…

I already sent Khaled a book before, but I never saw it posted on Instagram or anywhere else, so I thought it might’ve gotten lost or we had the wrong address… A few days prior to Khaled sharing our books on Instagram, we actually spotted the gift box of our Merry Christmas, Asahd – Glow In the Dark Edition in his #broomchallenge post! Just chilling there in Khaled’s living room! Amazing!

First time’s a charm

When I saw his second son, Aalam, was born, I knew we had to congratulate him! What better way to welcome a new baby to the family than the book Hooray, Aalam! You Did It!, all about celebrating the milestones he’ll achieve, and also the book The Adventures of Aalam and Asahd, where he’ll go on countless adventures with his big brother? There is no better way, we’re telling you!

How it all came together

As usual, I’m scrolling through his IG stories (he always makes me laugh with his shenanigans) when I saw he shared OUR BOOKS! Unfortunately, he didn’t accompany the video with any of his recognizable jokes, but we’re still thrilled about the fact that he loved the books so much he decided to share them! 
Thank you, Khaled. You continue to inspire us, as you already have many times so far (check out the nod to DJ Khaled in our How It’s Made video) and we’ll continue striving to be the best ever!