Employees at Hooray Heroes Honor March 8th

In the light of the International Day of Women’s Rights, we, as a company, banded together to support the Women’s Counseling Association with a donation. In 2020, when a pandemic entered our lives and forced us to spend more time at home, the number of crimes related to domestic violence increased by almost 13%.

Here in our office, where 65% of employees are women, we wanted to draw attention to this problem and contribute our part in the fight against violence against women. Our donation comes in the form of financial aid – we, the employees, contributed our share, and the company matched the amount collected, thus doubling the donation.

“Every year we prepare a surprise for co-workers for Women’s Day in the offices. This year we wanted to upgrade this celebration and show our respect for women outside the offices as well,” said our co-founder Rado Daradan.

Tanja Šket, a psychotherapist at the Women’s Counseling Center, whose work is protecting women and children from domestic violence and help them get back on their feet, said the following about the donation, “In our fund, it represents an additional resource with which we can help women regain the power they lost as victims of violence, empower them and help them live without violence.

If you or any woman near you is experiencing any form of domestic violence, please do not hesitate to contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800.799.SAFE (7233) or visit their website.