Why did David Beckham cry over this book?

You’ll never guess what happened! So, our social media team were scrolling through Instagram, when this story came up on our feed. At first, we couldn’t believe our eyes, but there it was, as clear as day: David Beckham got our Daddy Edition of “When Harper Grows Up“!

Have we got an offer for you!

Now, Mr. Beckham, if you’re reading this, please tell us that Mrs. Beckham happened to get those tears on camera! If she did, could you send them to us? We could possibly turn you into a star! I mean, have you seen our Crying Dad videos?? They’re viral!! This could be your big chance!!

But let’s be serious…

We’re so excited to see that you love our personalized book all about what a father imagines their son or daughter might grow up to be. And we get it: seeing personalized versions of yourself and your child in a book, imagining them grown up and be successful, it kinda gets us teary-eyed just describing it, much less reading it to our kiddos. We pride ourselves on how moving, how emotional this book is, so we’re incredibly thrilled that you became a member of #TheFeelsMovement!!! Congratulations!!!!

A BRAND NEW Book for Dads and their Kiddos is Here!

We’ve got a BRAND NEW book that we think y’all’re gonna love! It’s heartfelt, it’s beyond adorable, and it’s available NOW! You asked. We Listened! We wanted to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible into this new book. So we’ve added a ton of new features!

  • Parents on the cover and every page
  • More personalization options
  • Personalizable “nicknames” for the parents
  • Your choice of sidekick that appears throughout the book

We’ve also added a new career you can choose, the Armed Forces Service Member.