Kim Kardashian West loves Hooray Heroes personalized books!

Kim K. and Hooray Heroes!  You heard us right!

So apparently we’ve hit the bigtime!  Super-celeb Kim Kardashian West loves our books!  We’re humbled and excited at the same time. It’s taken loads of hard work, but we’ve kept our noses to the grindstone, and now we’ve reached the top!

Kim, North and Chicago Bonding Over Our Book!

In honor of Sisters’ Day, we decided to send Kim one of our books so her little kiddos, North and Chicago, could enjoy seeing themselves in a book all about them and the adventures they might go on together.  We sent it, not thinking much of it, but more as a kind gesture to celebrate the special bond all sisters share together.

We’re Shook!

Some of our social media team was scrolling through their Instagram stories, and c’mon, who doesn’t follow Kim?  Boy, were they in for a shock!  Her second story that day was, front and center, our Siblings Edition!  Jaws hit the floor, audible gasps were heard, and eyes widened with disbelief!  Screenshots started circulating, messages were sent, and our excitement went into warp speed!


So we’d like to say a big, huge, enormous, gigantic “thank you” to Kim for featuring us in her story!  It was us, Kim, by the way, that created that book for your beautiful children.  Hooray Heroes.  And we hope that you and your family enjoy it for many years to come!