Hooray Heroes Featured in Star Magazine

Alright, Mr. DeMille. We’re Ready for Our Close-Up!

Hooray Heroes is at it again! We love being in the press, and this time we’re featured in Star Magazine. We’ve already mentioned that a certain incredibly famous celebrity/activist featured our Siblings Book in one of her Instagram stories. Well, we weren’t the only ones to notice!

Front and Center on the Star Hot Sheet

Top left, to be exact, but we’ll take it! As they explained, Kim got our Siblings Book for North and Chicago. But we offer several different books for all different types of kiddos, not just for siblings. Each one lets you personalize your child or kiddos down to whether they have freckles! Choose 15 stories for our Siblings book or 10 for our Grows Up, write a heartfelt dedication, and create something your whole family will love for years to come!

We Recommend Us as well!

So we’d like to say thank you to Star Magazine for featuring us! We’re truly flattered, and we’ll do our best to keep putting smiles on children’s and parents’ faces with our amazing personalized children’s books!