Sidekicks from Hooray Heroes books come alive!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, we’re incredibly proud to introduce our new line of stuffed animals to accompany your child not just on the pages of their personalized book, but in real life as well! They’ll be there through thick and thin, hand in hand with your bundle of joy as they discover the wide world around them, bringing your kiddo’s personalized book to life!

Hundreds of readers commented on how much they love the sidekicks and characters from our personalized book for siblings, The Adventures of Jayce and Aiden, and our book about milestones, Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It! So we decided to bring them to life!

So let’s meet these amazing future-friends!

These aren’t just some regular stuffed animals.  FAR FROM IT!  They’ve each got their own unique and interesting personality and backstory that’s also included in their packaging and photo album that comes with each plush toy! And if you’re intrigued by their personalities, you can read interviews we did with them by clicking on their names!

Rascal Raccoon

From our book Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!

It’s a Rasc-attack! Psych! Rascal’s favorite pastime might be playing classic pranks on others, but he’d never play a trick on you. He wants you to watch their reaction with him! This raccoon has always got your back as your child masters their firsts and makes sure there’s never a dull moment when they hang with him.

Mrs. Hootwit

From our book Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!

Mrs. Hootwit has more in common with tiny newcomers to the world than meets the eye. She needed a lot of practice to master everything she knows and still sometimes mixes her right wing with her left. Her teaching and cheerleading skills make her the perfect wing-woman to any fledgling adventurer.

Mighty Knighty

From our book Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!

Mighty Knighty is the fiercest, noblest sword-wielding warrior you’ll ever be lucky enough to have by your side. He might wear tough armor, but he’s all warm and squishy on the inside. For you though, he’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and brave on your journey of firsts!

Fairy Star

From our book Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!

Fairy Star lights up any room she flies into. Not just with her wand, though that helps, but because she sees the magic hiding inside every moment. Especially in cake frosting – it’s practically the main ingredient! She’ll be the fireworks for your big first moments and treat you like the star you are!

Maximillius Monnoloosh

From our book Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!

Meet Maximillius Monnoloosh, aka Max. He’s known to his friends as Max and Area 51 as the one that got away. He’s new to this planet too, so he’s the perfect companion to any mini-Earthling and the best one to teach them how to really stick every crash landing. Eye thinks you’ll love him!


From our personalized siblings books

Lovelee is an adorable little elephant that comes in two different colors.  He found his way to planet Earth because of a big rainstorm.  Although separated from Mrs. Duck, Lovelee never gave up hope of being reunited, and found Mrs. Duck in someone’s bathtub! Lovelee is loyal and a true friend, both to Mrs. Duck and your little one! 

These snuggle-tastic new friends are available with ALL our personalized books and greeting cards!