5 Reasons Why a Plush Toy is Beneficial for Your Child

Most people can vividly remember their favorite stuffed animal from when they were a child.  They play an incredibly important role in helping children learn how to handle new and unfamiliar social situations, new emotions, and also help with reading comprehension!  So, here are 5 reasons why stuffed animals, like our new line of plushies, are beneficial for your children. 

1. They’re transitional objects

Stuffed animals are a way for children to test out the new emotions they’re learning and experiencing.  As the world is brand new to them, a stuffed animal is a great companion for them to try out being nice to, getting angry with, learning to hug and share, and so many others.  It helps them to prepare for more social settings.

2. They’re familiar

Even us adults get nervous walking into a new place that’s unfamiliar to us.  Now imagine you’re 2 years old.  Almost everything you’re experiencing is new.  Stuffed animals are familiar and provide some continuity to a young child’s life.  No matter where they go, their stuffed friend is with them!

Lovelee plushtoy

3. They help to practice social skills

As your child learns to articulate more and more, their stuffed friend makes for a great conversationalist! And these imagined conversations help little ones build confidence to keep talking and building empathy towards others. 

4. They help with literacy

Your little one can use those newly-acquired linguistic skills to test out their reading comprehension! Stuffed animals are a captive audience for your little one to read to! And we’ve got the perfect book to recommend, Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!  It’s all about a child’s first milestones, and features 1 of 5 sidekicks that we also offer as plush toys! 

Lovelee plushtoy

5. They make the perfect reading buddy

This might seem obvious, but they can act as a companion for your little one in all sorts of ways, including reading.  In fact, one school in Indiana gave their students stuffed animals to read to, and that school say their reading comprehension scores double over a year!  

Plushtoys now available with our books!

With all of this in mind, our amazing plush toys are the perfect companion for your little one! Not only will they see themselves on the pages of their own book, but they’ll have a tangible part of the book with them every day!  Click the button above to find the perfect little buddy for your perfect little one!