Introducing Our Very First Personalized Nightlight Gift Box!

Let Hooray Heroes Shine a Light for You

OK, we admit it, we still sleep with a nightlight on. Maybe it’s to light the way to the bathroom, maybe it’s so we can find our way to the kitchen for a midnight snack, but maybe it’s also a way to keep the monsters under our beds away. Whatever the reason, a nightlight still gives us comfort. So, with that being said, we came up with our BRAND NEW personalized wooden nightlight gift box!

AMAZING! How do I get one?

This nightlight is offered with several of our personalized book editions that feature:

Dad and his little one:

Mom and her little one:

A family with 1 kiddo:


Banish those monsters under the bed and light the way with your very own personalized nightlight gift box from Hooray Heroes! It’s spectacular!

Such a SUPER CUTE gift idea!

We went all-in for this gift box that also doubles as quite possibly THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER! The box is made out of high-quality walnut, and its cover (a dreamy starry sky, as well as the name of the gift receiver) is laser-printed directly onto the wooden top. There’s an LED light on the inside to illuminate any bedroom. Not gonna lie, our employees already ordered some for themselves!