A child with a personalized milestone book from Hooray Heroes.

The Best Personalized Books For Kids

Looking for a personalized gift for your child? What a great idea!

Custom books are fun, they engage your little one, and they encourage reading for pleasure. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few of our Hooray Heroes suggestions for the best personalized books for kids. Each of these makes for a perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, or gift for any other special occasion.

The Pawsome Adventures of Lorraine and Yoko

This book is one of our bestsellers, and you get to personalize not just your child, but the child’s pet, too! In The Pawsome Adventures of Lorraine and Yoko, your little one and their loyal companion embark on amazing adventures full of imagination and fun.

You can personalize the child’s gender, name, skin color, eyes, hair, accessories, and the pet – choose between a dog or a cat, their name, and many body shapes and fur colors.

It’s fun, simple, and quick to do. The perfect present! Just look at these sweet photos that show the beautiful bond between children and their pets:

Hooray, Enzo, You Did It!

Hooray, Enzo, You Did It! is a personalized book for the littlest ones (aged 1-3) that helps your child go through their first experiences in this world: getting that first tooth, using a potty for the first time, the first trip to the doctor, and many more relatable firsts.

With a trusty sidekick (that you choose!) always by their side, your child will gain confidence and see themselves rock everyday activities. The colorful illustrations and kid-friendly text make this a must-have book for bedtime story time.

Complete this perfect gift by ordering a plush sidekick from the book or print out the free coloring pages inspired by this book’s illustrations!

Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Looking for a birthday gift? Then consider this amazing book: Happy Birthday, Lucas! This personalized book wishes your child a happy birthday in a unique and enchanting way. In the stories, the child meets different animals that wish the child a happy birthday while teaching them some great values.

Add a dedication of your own or choose one of our pre-written ones to make this a keepsakepresent that your child will treasure for years. What a great way to brighten up your child’s special day!

And while you’re at it, check out these Hooray Heroes birthday freebies – from personalized invitations to birthday accessories (crowns, decorations, coloring pages) – for a truly unique and amazing birthday party!

New Personalized Book For Siblings: For 2 or 3 Kids

Looking for a wonderful book where you can include all your children? Say no more! Our newest book for 2 and 3 siblings emphasizes the importance of the unbreakable bond that only your little ones share.

This book sends your kiddos on a fun treasure hunt. They will travel through different fantasy worlds and have to use their special sibling powers to be able to continue on and find that treasure. And the best part – this book also works for cousins and friends!

Coming soon!! New Personalized Book For 4 and 5 Siblings

A book for 4 or 5 siblings (or friends and cousins!) will also be available soon. Check back often for updates!

Release date: end of November 2022

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