A little boy called Oliver with a personalized Birthday Book by Hooray Heroes.

5 Reasons Why A Personalized Book Is The Best Birthday Gift for Kids

Parents across the globe have realized that a personalized book is the only birthday gift for children of any age that will never go out of style. Here’s why:

1. Kids love seeing themselves in a personalized book and will come back to it day after day.

Personalizing a book means choosing the gender of the main character, inserting their name, and changing the hairstyle, the skin tone, the color of the eyes, etc. so it looks just like the birthday boy or girl!

Here’s how to do it:

A personalized book is not the perfect birthday gift for kids alone. Check the reactions of some of the dads who recognized themselves in a personalized book!

2. Nobody has the heart to throw a book away.

Books are considered precious possessions by their owners and have (almost) everybody’s respect. When you get somebody a book for their birthday, they might not read it, but they’ll have a really hard time throwing it away. Especially if you’ve gone through the effort of personalizing it!

A little girl with a lot of personalized books, looking very proud.

TIP: Write a personal dedication to make the birthday gift opening a really unforgettable experience for your kid. Find inspiration here.

3. It’s a small object that can be neatly put away on a shelf

We all hate receiving huge birthday gifts that end up stealing a lot of space. Well, a book has never harmed anybody. Put it on your kid’s bookshelf to keep other books company or display it somewhere where it can catch the attention of your guests. Let them wonder how you made a special book just for your child!

4. You’ll love reading it for when your child is already grown up

Kids grow up too fast! A personalized book will be a precious souvenir of your kids’ childhood long after they’ve stopped reading it. Get them a personalized birthday gift that is a cute plaything for them now and will be an emotional keepsake for you later.

5. It’s a perfect gift to give at a birthday party

Steal the show at a kid’s birthday party and give the birthday boy or girl a gift they’ll never forget. Most kids have never seen a personalized book before, so they’re really surprised when they get one. Surprising them at their birthday party means creating an unforgettable experience and letting the kid connect the book with a wonderful memory.

A little girl who received a personalized book by Hooray Heroes at her birthday party.

So here are 5 reasons to forget the store-bought plastic toys that will end up in the basement in a week and go for a timeless, celebrity-approved DIY birthday gift: a personalized birthday book for kids.

The environment, your place, and your wallet will thank you. But most importantly, you’ll put the HAPPY in your kid’s BIRTHDAY.