Rascal Raccoon Interview

As part of our interview series to better get to know the sidekicks for Hooray Heroes’ new book celebrating a child’s first milestones, we had the chance to sit down with one of the stars of the new book, Rascal Raccoon.  And while it might not be apparent in the text that’s written, Rascal is precisely that: a little ornery, rambunctious, and definitely a prankster.  But what you also see right away is how good of a friend he is and that he has a heart of solid gold.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know Rascal like never before!

HH: Hello Rascal.  Thanks for taking the time to meet with us today.  Also, the whoopy cushion was a nice touch.  Our producer was pretty embarrassed.  You got her pretty good.

RR: Another Rasc-attack! The whoopy cushion’s a classic.  Who doesn’t love a surprising fart sound, am I right?  So yeah, thanks for having me, man.  I love doing interviews.  Am I on tv? Where are the cameras?  I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!  Hahahahahhaha! But yeah, I’m doing great.  How are you?

HH: Just fine, Rascal.  So, tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from.

RR: Aw man, you’re embarrassing me now! But I do gotta tell ya, I was stinkin’ cute as a baby! I had the cuddliest, fuzziest cheeks!  It took me a while to become the master prankster I am now, but from the beginning, I just loved to be around my friends and family, treasure hunting, or as some might say, dumpster diving.  But I have to be honest.  Not everyone wanted to be my friend. Turns out, some woodland critters will laugh at you for looking like a bandit and raiding trash cans. 

HH: How did you cope with these woodland bullies?

RR: Raccoons are smart, so I figured I’d learn how to play pranks on the people who were mean to me. Nothing mean-spirited or anything, just harmless pranks, but everyone loved them! So soon after that, those bullies actually began to appreciate me for who I am, and now everyone wants to get in on the pranking action.

HH: That’s a pretty dramatic turn-around! So how have you been keeping yourself busy lately?

RR: Banana peels, skateboarding, cream pies, and trash panda-ing to my heart’s content!  You wouldn’t believe what some people throw out these days! I’ve had a gourmet 5 course meal recently, and best of all, I found it in the dumpster behind The Thin Goose!! Can you believe that?  Needless to say, I skated home that night quite satisfied!  One person’s trash is Rascal’s gastronomy!

HH: Uhh… appetizing… Moving on, we’d like to discuss what you think makes you such a good sidekick for these little boys and girls as they begin to learn all about the world and achieve their first milestones?

RR: Well, once I meet one of these little boys or girls, I’m sure they’re gonna have a blast hanging out with me as I show them the ropes of how to prank a person like a pro! They’ll be laughing, smiling, and enjoying each and every minute as we prank our way across the city, discovering all these new things they’ll be able to do! Oh, and I’m really good at just about everything…PSYCH! I’m pretty good at stuff, but whatever I’m not so good at, I’ll do my best to help that little boy or girl learn as much as they can, all the while having a rip-roaring good time!

HH: That sounds awesome! I’m sure those kiddos can’t wait to meet you!  Ok, so just a couple of simple questions before we let you go, Rascal.  As you’ve already mentioned that you’re quite the gourmand, what’s your favorite food?

RR:  That’s a toughie!!  But, if I’m honest, I’d have to say empty jars of peanut butter that aren’t so empty. I’m a simple raccoon, so really anything that’s on the dumpster menu.

HH: …delicious… OK, still food related, but what’s your favorite type of ice cream?

RR: Oh, this one is wayyy easier.  Chocolate melted on a pizza.  You wouldn’t believe the complexity of the dish!  It’s just sublime!!

HH: Gross…I mean yuuum!!  So, next question: what’s your favorite thing to do?

RR: Hide in the bushes waiting for someone to walk right into one of my pranks! The anticipation is almost as fun as when it actually happens! I like to call it a Rasc-attack!

HH: And we can’t wait to see one, just not fall into one.  Thanks for your time, Rascal!  It’s been a pleasure!

RR: Thanks y’all! This has been great!  Oh, and can you hand me back my whoopy cushion?  I’m gonna need it for later!