Celebrate Your Kiddo’s Milestones

When new parents ask for advice, there are quite a few things people say, but usually, the one thing they all agree on is how fast the time passes.  it might not feel like it at first, with the lack of sleep, changing diapers, and doctor visits, but it’s one of the truisms that all parents face.

In the blink of an eye 

Before you know it, they’re walking and talking, eating solid food, or off to their first day of school.  And when we look back, we wonder where all the time went.  it seemed like yesterday you were holding your newborn for the first time, and now they’re riding their bicycle without training wheels.

Hold on to those memories 

That’s why we created a book all about cherishing your child’s milestones along the way.  “Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!” puts your kiddo’s firsts front and center, helping you to immortalize their accomplishments, like the first day they came home from the hospital, their first step, or the first time they giggled.

Cherish those moments 

Your kiddo won’t be alone as they rack up accomplishments.  You’ll be right there with them.  It’s the same in “Hooray, Jeremy! You Did It!”  We’ve included some wacky and wild sidekicks for you to choose from.  Each one has a distinct character, making it the perfect gift for an extended family member to give to a child.

Because they’re precious 

Each one of our books is special, just like each and every one of your children.  We want to provide the best for them, like you do.  We want each book to be a reflection of how all of our lives are lived as parents, so we think this book is an amazing addition to your library. It’s the perfect opportunity to lock those moments away and keep hold of them forever!