Look No Further for THE PERFECT Mother’s Day Gift!

Mom knows best, and moms everywhere are going crazy for our personalized books for kids, for parents, and for moms themselves! So, this year, get her something she’ll cherish for years and years to come: a personalized book from Hooray Heroes! Not sure which one to get? We’ve got you covered!

Jessica, You’ll Always be My Little Girl – Mom Edition

Celebrate the bond between a mother and her child with this incredible personalized book for parents and kids. In it, mom watches as her little boy or girl grows up right in front of her eyes, trying to capture that fleeting moments that we all have as parents: your child is growing up so quickly, but will always and forever remain your little one.

Dylan, You’ll Always Be Our Little Boy – Family Edition

From the same “Always Little” series, this is the perfect, heartfelt book you’ll wanna get if you want to tug on some heart strings as a family. Personalize both parents’ appearances, names, even genders, along with what the child calls them, and get ready for the waterworks to start!

Savannah, 10 Reasons I Love You

Maybe you’re looking for a book to celebrate the love you share with the mother of your child. And if that’s the case, we’ve also got you covered there! In fact, MORE THAN COVERED! We’ve got 3 different editions of our personalized love book. You can choose between the hardcover edition, the softcover edition or the premium limited edition of this book. The latter one features 15 reasons, a silver-embossed cover, and its own gift wrap!

The Unreal Family

Fun for the whole family! In this excitingly entertaining personalized book for families, mom and dad, along with 1, 2, or even 3 kiddos will stretch the limits of their imaginations while answering “what if we were…”! Just a few examples include “What if we lived in the Stone Age?”, “What if we were fruits and veggies?”, and “What if we had super powers?”.

The Diary of Silas

Maybe it’s mom’s first Mother’s Day, or maybe it’s a gift for a mom-to-be. Maybe it’s laughs you’re looking for this Mother’s Day. Regardless, “The Diary of Silas” is a rip-roaringly hilarious look at what it’s really like to be a parent. Written from the POV of a baby, it’s the good with the bad, the delightful with the disgusting, all the while cracking you up with some spicy jokes!