A woman hugging a man who carries a lot of gifts.

HELP! My Girlfriend’s Birthday Is In 2 Weeks! I Need A Gift!

Are you one of the poor suckers who never know what to get their girlfriend for her birthday? Join the club! In this article, we’ll show you how to go from zero to hero and surprise her with the best, most personal birthday gift ever!

Comic-style picture of a girlfriend hugging her boyfriend who is carrying a lot of gifts.

Sure, you can’t go wrong with flowers and a box of chocolates. But rest assured that she’s expecting that. This year, try a little harder for her birthday and opt for something really special. Something that she never even dared to expect from you, even though she’s seen it on Facebook many times: a personalized book!

Let’s explore your options.

1. Jessica, 10 Reasons I Love You

The cover of the bestelling personalized Love you book by Hooray Heroes.

If it’s not easy for you to talk about your emotions, this personalized book is the perfect solution for you! Choose 10 reasons why you love her and show her how much she means to you with a book.

We’ve even got an amazing version for same-sex couples!

The cover of a Hooray Heroes personalized book for same-sex couples.

Have more reasons for love? Then choose 15 and give her the fancy special edition of the bestselling personalized book by Hooray Heroes.

The cover of the special edition personalized book by Hooray Heroes.

Can you think of a better personalized birthday gift for your girlfriend?

2. Kate’s Perfect Imperfections

If you’re the kind of guy who thinks it’s all is too cheesy, go for more of a whimsical birthday gift for your girlfriend: a personalized book that lets you choose the 10 quirky habits that make you love her.

The cover of the personalized Perfect Imperfections book by Hooray Heroes.

Wake her up with kisses on her birthday and let her now that you love her just the way she is. All her perfect imperfections included!

Remember this scene?

Well, girls love it.

Be more original than Mr. Darcy and tell her how you feel with the best personalized birthday gift for girlfriends ever: a personalized book by Hooray Heroes.

3. Happy Birthday, Sandra!

Are you looking for a more birthday-related personalized gift for your girlfriend? We’ve got you covered! Get the super cute personalized birthday book which is both a book and a birthday card in one. Choose the birthday wishes that you want your girlfriend to receive on her special day, personalize her adorable self and make her go “Awww, hun!”.

The cover of the personalized Happy Birthday book by Hooray Heroes.

Is your girlfriend a fan of all that’s celebrity-approved? Then this is the perfect personalized birthday gift for her. Check out which international celebrity chose ourpersonalized birthday book for her last birthday gift here.

HINT: The birthday girl’s name is True.

4. The “Always Little” Series

Do you guys have a little one, or two, or three? Make your girlfriend’s birthday unforgettable by giving her a birthday gift that has made moms the world over cry their eyes out. See the video below for proof.

Choose their most beloved everyday activities and epitomize the special bond your girlfriend shares with your children. Giver her a personalized birthday gift that will last a lifetime!

5. The Pawsome Adventures

Lastly, here’s the ultimate personalized birthday gift for pet loving girlfriends. Personalize your lady and her furry friend (cat or dog) and make the unwrapping of her birthday gift the most adorable of sights. We suggest getting that camera ready!

Choose among these and many other cuties.

The only good reason for you not to buy a personalized book for your girlfriend right now is if she already has all of them. Otherwise, don’t waste another minute. Make her a personalized birthday gift now so it will arrive just in time for her.

Make your birthday girl happy!

The illustration from the personalized book for couple called Perfect Imperfections.

Need a birthday card to go with your gift? Or a personalized wallpaper of the two of you? Maybe some personalized coupons especially for her?

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