A girlfriend giving her boyfriend a personalized book for his birthday.

2023’s Hottest Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

It’s that time of the year again. Your boo’s bday is approaching and you have no idea what to get him. Again.

Yeah, he’s out of socks, but let him get those himself. Make his birthday special by giving him a personalized birthday gift he’ll never forget. Here’s our list:

1. Tom, 10 reasons I love you

Voted “best birthday gift ever” by boyfriends around the Globe, this personalized book lets you share your feelings in an original way. Choose 10 stories that tell your boyfriend why you love him.

Choose among these sweet, funny and cheeky reasons:

You Always Have My Back
You Take Me Places
You Let Me Be Me
You’re Handsome When You’re Mad
You’re My Best Friend
You Make Me Laugh
You Get Along With My Friends
You’re Smart
You’re Smart
You Kiss And Make Up
You Know What To Say
You’re A Good Parent
You’re Hot
You’re A Good Kisser
You’re Crazy
You’re My Handyman
You Smell Nice
You’re An Awesome Dancer
You Complete Me
You Make Christmas More Magic
You’re My Soulmate

Check out these amazing couples who recreated the illustrations from the book:

See? Boyfriends love it!

2. David’s Perfect Imperfections

Not a touchy-feely type? Then go for the most honest book about love there is and tell him which quirky traits make him perfect for you.

Turn your spats into internal jokes and show your boyfriend that you love him just the way he is.

Do these examples below ring any bells?

Choose from these perfect imperfections:

Hogs The Bed
Never Asks For Directions
Takes Planning Too Far
Chooses Super Long Movies
Takes Forever To Get Ready
Never Listens
Takes My Food
Farts Stinkers
Sometimes Forgets Our Anniversary
Is Messy
Gets Hangry
Has Special Seduction Techniques
Has A Challenging Family
Subpar DIY Skills
Is A Random Spanker

Which ones decribe your man best?

3. Timmy, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy

Want to include your baby into the personalized birthday gift for daddy? Choose this super emotional personalized book for fathers and epitomize the bond your boyfriend and your little one share.

Check out the video below and you’ll understand why this book should always come with a box of Kleenex.

Our bestselling personalized book for dads is available for fathers of one, two or three children.

Got more than 3 kids? That must be fun! Check out our book for 4 or 5 kids right here!

Don’t want to be left out? Personalize yourself too and give your boyfriend a personalized birthday gift that’s fun for the whole family.

4. The Pawsome Adventures of Shane and Spot

Are your boyfriend and your pet unseparable? Are they just the cuttest duo ever? Personalize both him and your dog or cat and surprise him with the best personalized birthday gift for pet lovers ever.


If your shopping for a personalized birthday gift on a budget, don’t worry. There is a cheaper version of all personalized books for your boyfriend – a soft cover edition!

In addition to that, there’s also a huge array of FREE personalized printables for boyfriends, like personalized love coupons, personalized mobile wallpapers for the two of you, birthday cards etc.