OUT NOW! Our BRAND NEW Family Edition of Aaron, You’ll Always be Our Little Boy!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! It’s finally here! 

Y’all’ve been asking for it for a long time, and we’ve been working on it for a long time, too.  And now, we’re proud to announce that our BRAND NEW Family edition is here! 

What’s New 

Like the Daddy Edition, this book is all about watching your little one grow up before your eyes, and it touches on those fleeting moments of realization that your little one won’t stay little forever, even if you’ll always see them that way.  This hasn’t changed.  But what has is that now you can feature BOTH PARENTS!  That’s right, you read that correctly!  BOTH PARENTS!  WHOOOOOOOPIIIIIIEEEEE!!!! 

This is awesome! Tell me more! 

Both parents are completely personalizable, including names and what your little one calls you!  What we mean by this is that if you’re papa instead of dad at home, then papa it’ll be in the book!  If you’re mother dearest at home, then you’re mother dearest in the book!  We want our books to be as personal as possible, and this is just another detail we’ve added that makes this book really special! 

Incredible! Anything else? 

As both parents are now featured in the book, we also wanted to make sure the book was suitable for all different types of families.  That’s why we created this book so that you can also personalize both parents’ genders.  Not all families are alike, and we wanted to make sure that we celebrate this amazing diversity. 

I want one! How do I get started? 

Click the button below and start personalizing yours today!