It’s a book … it’s personalized … it’s for the whole family!!!

? This Christmas season, family story time will never be the same!?

HERE IT IS!! Hooray Heroes‘ new book starring not 1, not 3, not 4, but up to 5 family members! This personalized book for the whole family to enjoy is bound to celebrate the unique bond you all share.

Once you name and personalize 2 parents and up to 3 kids juuuuust right, this most epic of personalized books will answer the funnest type of question there is. We’re talking about 2 little words that pack a big punch, promise lots of laughs and will illustrate you like never before! These 2 little words are none other than:

What if…?

You’re finally able to see the answers to age-old questions like: What if our family…

  1. Lived in the Stone Age ?
  2. Were in a Fairy Tale ✨
  3. Were Tropical Fish ?
  4. Were Super Small ?
  5. Were Fruits and Vegetables ?
  6. Were Santa’s Helpers ??
  7. Were Incredibly Old ??
  8. Could Talk to Animals ?
  9. Had Superpowers ?️
  10. Were Gigantic ??
  11. and many more! ?

Just like the beet, this book can’t wait to drop!

Edible Concept art for our family food party – DJ CocoNut in the fridge!

?The Story of “What If…”?

Hooray Heroes’ creative team is no stranger to fitting multiple characters in one book. When it comes to books for two, for three, for twins, for parents, families and even babies – been there, done that. A clown car’s got nothin’ on us. But on the 4thof April at 4:44 PM we asked ourselves, for the fun of it: What if we made a book for 5?

Q: Is a full-family book a popular request?

A: Yes.

Q: Have we got the perfect character design?

A: Oh yeah.

Q: Are we all about a family bonding while having fun?

A: Who isn’t?

Q: Have we always wanted to personalize broccoli?

A: Obviously.

Q: Do we have a writer to concoct fun rhymes like:

Knock knock. Who’s there? Adam and his new friends. 
He’s joking with hyenas and their laughter never ends!

Q: Do we have a concept artist to whip up sketches like this?

Q: Do we have an illustration team that can personalize broccoli?!?!

A: Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!! 

? Hooray! Behold the power of WHAT IF!! ?

So there you have it! The recipe for the funnest, craziest, most action-packed personalized book ever:

  • 1 popular request
  • Up to 5 detailed and perfected personalized characters
  • Simple, funny rhymes
  • Vibrantly colored illustrations
  • The “What If…” element of surprise

It’s then up to you to choose 10 wacky “What if…” scenarios and voila – the funnest family gift to create, give, read and enjoy this holiday season!