Nostalgia Tickling Children’s Poems Loved by us at Hooray Heroes

With World Poetry Day on its way, we asked our colleagues in the Land of Heroes which poems they loved as kiddies that have stayed with them and led them to fall in love with books.

“Grown Children”

The poems came in thick and fast: Roald Dahl, Dr Seuss, Adam Mansbach, Jacques Prevert, and William Carlos Williams just to name but a few. Needless to say, we had a whale of a time, giggling away like the children we are at heart!

Rhyming is Learning

Rhymes are well known to help children learn how language works. From nursery rhymes to limericks, learning to anticipate rhyming words helps to make predictions when reading, an important skill that we still use as adults to this day.

Fore example, can you guess the rhymes in this limerick:

 There was an elephant named Lovelee,
Who met with a duck to take t??.
No sugar they had,
Which made Lovelee m??,
But Duck said, ‘your sweet as can ??’.

We take poetry to heart

When it comes to poetry, we have some pretty handy Heroes about in Hooray Heroes Land. Our new release, Mo, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy, takes mum or dad through those special moments shared with their child and explores the emotional epiphanies that your child will not be a little forever.

 Your little hand curls around my finger,
With your eyes you say, “Hello.”
Mine answer back, “Hi, Mo. I’m Tom. Your dad.
And I’m not letting go.”
“Couldn’t happen, Dad, ‘cause it’s 7 a.m. You fell asleep in my bed again!
But it’s not your fault … I cast a sleeping spell – it worked reallywell,
And your dreams sound out of control! Now brush your teeth or I’ll cast a curse,
Your breath smells worse than a troll!”

Let us know, in the comments below, which poems have stayed with you through childhood, and don’t forget to check out our brand NEW personalized book, Mo, You Will Always Be My Little Girl
Happy World Poetry Day everyone.