I love you because

It’s here! New Personalized Love You Book from Hooray Heroes!

Create the perfect DIY gift this Valentine’s Day with a unique book full of the 10 reasons why you love your partner

10 Personalized Reasons

The love story you share with your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife is totally unique. Show this with a personalized love you book with BOTH of you on the cover and every page. Even better, you get to customize it with the 10 reasons behind your one-of-a-kind love story.

See Yourselves Like Never Before!

If you’re going to put yourselves in a personalized book about your relationship, you might as well have a little fun with it! Are we right or are we right!? Each reason you choose for why you love your partner jumps off the page with fun illustrations and cute, playful rhymes.

Say “I love you” to the femme fatale in your life in dramatic style this Valentine’s Day.
Say “I love you” to the femme fatale in your life in dramatic style this Valentine’s Day.

Give me 10 Good Reasons…

Everyone has their own special reasons behind what makes their heart skip a beat. This personalized book is perfect for couples looking to highlight exactly what those reasons are! Choose 10 in this love book for couples to show your partner that you love them because they’re…

  • Hot
  • A Good Kisser
  • Crazy
  • Gorgeous When They’re Mad
  • Your Best Friend
  • Smart
  • An Amazing Chef
  • Funny
  • … and many more!

A Fun, Emotional Book to Cherish Forever

Through the good times and bad, your unique love binds you and your special someone together. A bond that special deserves a gift that’ll make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, and make ‘em give you a big ol’ kiss. Or hug. Or whatever you’re into… Flowers and chocolate can’t do that – but “Michael, 10 Reasons I Love You” sure will! Create yours and win this Valentine’s Day! ❤️