Hooray Heroes Mom

Our FIRST book ever for BOTH parents!

We received hundreds of comments asking for both parents to be featured in our books, and now this emotional roller coaster is now available in the FAMILY EDITION featuring BOTH PARENTS

It’s finally here 

For the FIRST TIME EVER, you’re able to personalize BOTH parents! It’s sure to match ANY two parents and their little one! This means both parents are on the cover and narrate the moments that make a parent laugh or cry tears of joy, or both. It’s all about the ways a child will stay little forever. Even as they grow up.

Take a peek …

Building a Tree House

“Charlotte, we’ll build lots of great things as a family,
But none of them will top our house in a tree.
We’ll each lend a hand getting our hideout off the ground!
Dad will choose the strongest branches, keeping us safe and sound
As Mom decks the inside out, making it the coziest spot around.
And, Charlotte, you’ll make the skyline shine, saying,
“Let’s follow my hand-drawn design!”

Meet Bondee Bear

With Hooray Heroes, a book is never just a book – it’s an experience! Introducing Bondee Bear – he’ll jump from the pages of the book right into bonding time and snuggle up as you and your little one read together!


Top secret: your kiddo will soon be able to enjoy the company of Bondee as an adorable, fluffy teddy bear.

This personalized book is also available in Mommy and Daddy editions