NEW book for dads and their kiddos!

Now with Daddy on every page, our Grows Up book is the perfect Father’s Day gift!

I guess you could say our Grows Up family is getting a new member! The book that started #thefeelsmovement by getting dads from all walks of life to cry their hearts out is now available with more Daddy than ever!

When Logan Grows Up / When Destiny Grows Up

We ❤️Our Fans!

We have the best fans in the world! From the photos and videos you share to the glowing reviews you leave, there’s no denying it: you’re the best! And you have the best requests too! So, as a token of our appreciation, in this new Grows Up, we’re giving you:

  • Daddy on the cover and every page
  • More personalization options
  • Personalizable “nicknames” for dads
  • Your choice of sidekick throughout the book
  • We added a military service member option! More additions will follow!

Perfect Gift for Dad

Kids love seeing themselves as the heroes of our books, but dads are heroes too! Now, dads get some of the spotlight as they join the action of EVERY PAGE and the COVER of this new Grows Up book! With more personalization options than ever before, you can create a truly unique book for Dad that captures the magic of watching his little one grow up.

My Child Calls Me…

Dad, Daddio, Papa, Daddysaurus – the names kids call their dads form a major part of their relationship. That’s why in this NEW Grows Up, you get to personalize this too! This appears IN ADDITION to dad’s first name,  meaning this book is now more personalizable than ever!

Now Featuring: Sidekicks!

Where would a hero be without their trusty sidekick? In the NEW Grows Up, you get to choose which of our adorable sidekicks joins the action on every page. And even better, sidekicks are finally available as super cuddly plush toys to join in your everyday adventures!

Meet our sidekicks! Rascal, Bondee and Mrs. Hootwit.

Mommy and FAMILY Editions Coming Soon!

We haven’t forgotten about moms and families! Our NEW Grows Up will soon be available in a Mommy Edition and Family Edition. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with these exciting new books!