A woman holding a personalized Hooray Heroes book with a a heart and a wedding photo in the background.

A Memorable Valentine’s Day in 5 Steps

A woman holding a personalized Hooray Heroes book with a a heart and a wedding photo in the background.

“It’s not a real holiday…” “I don’t need Valentine’s Day to show her I love her!” “It’s all so commercial…”
We’ve heard it all before, year after year, with the inevitable approach of February 14th. But who said that going against the grain has to mean doing nothing? Here are a few ideas that will keep your effort to a minimum, help you avoid being cliché, and still have you ready with a gift from the heart on that special day.


It might sound obvious, but it’s true. The key to a successful Valentine’s Day is to get started early. Why? Well, it will keep you from stressing out, panicking on February 13th, ending up with a last-minute gift that cost too much or one that is clearly an afterthought. We recommend having your first brainstorming session in mid-January. You might even surprise yourself with the ideas you conjure up.

Thinking about a Valentine’s Day gift early makes planning a cinch, saves you money and energy (along with shipping fees), and, should you decided to go out, you’ll still have plenty of reservation options available. Taking the time to plan in advance will mean that there’s no shortage of ways to show your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend that you care and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.


Regardless of how your other half feels about Valentine’s Day, you’re caught in the crosshairs. If you overdo it, you look like someone who’s given in to all the marketing mumbo jumbo. If you don’t, you run the risk of disappointing your special someone, leaving them feeling a bit like Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle.

So what to do? Your gesture doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be meaningful. Why not start things off with a few free Hooray Hero products, like customizable love coupons or personalized wallpaper to surprise your significant other?

A few sets of Hooray Heroes personalized love coupons for couples.
Personalize them and print them at home. It couldn’t be simpler!


Flowers? Beautiful, but don’t last long. Chocolate? Potentially delicious, but abundantly lame. Perfume? Wonderful, if you get the right one, but it’s still pretty cliché.

This year, why not consider an original, custom-made Valentine’s Day gift instead? Like our personalized Love Book for couples!

Marshall, 10 Reasons I Love You

This is an adorable book that takes your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or partner through the reasons why you love them. The stories are wonderfully funny and give you a clear path to their heart! This book is also available as a Premium Edition (15 stories + silver foil cover) and is available for same-sex couples. To date, this book has found its way into the hands of millions of satisfied customers – this bestseller is one that can’t be beat!

The cover of a Hooray Heroes personalized book for couples.

All you have to do to get started is personalize yourself and your significant other. Choose hair styles, skin tone, eye shape and color, add some accessories (like glasses), and then choose the stories you like and the order you want them to appear in. Don’t forget to include names and nicknames as they will also appear in every story. To make the whole thing a little more personal, sit down and write a little dedication to make your gift truly unique. Should your romantic side not be cooperating, there’s no need to panic. We have pre-written dedications available for every book along with free gifts for just about any occasion (Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Long story short, we’ve got you covered.

The cover of a Hooray Heroes personalized book for same-sex couples.
Also available for same-sex couples!
The cover of a Hooray Heroes premium edition personalized love you book for couples.
Premium Edition Love You Book

Lindsey’s Perfect Imperfections

A girl holding up Hooray Heroes' Personalized book for couples - Rachel's Perfect Imperfections, by James.

Perfect Imperfections is a book like no other. Made for couples who have been around the block a few times and are looong out of the “everything is peachy” phase. Here, your partner’s tiny imperfections are poked and prodded with both humor and love through amazingly funny meme-inspired illustrations.

Check out the video below to see more and don’t hesitate to pop onto our site to flip through it yourself!

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Are you on a tight budget this year? We’ve still got you covered! Check out our soft cover books or our personalized Valentine’s Day cards for couples to complete your Valentine’s Day gift!


If you’re in the market for a more genuine Valentine’s Day, try surprising your other half with their favorite meal. By making it yourself, you’ll be able to give not only the gift of food, but the gift of your time. Light a few candles, set up a nice playlist, and let the magic make itself.


At the end of the day, whether you find yourself in front of the TV or at a restaurant, what really matters is that whatever you do comes from the heart. It is because we know this so well that we created these personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day. With one or all of them in tow, you’re sure to give something that will live in both your hearts forever.