Hooray Heroes custom book for couples for couples


This Christmas season, create a romantic gift of love for your partner. Your wife won’t believe it. Your boyfriend will cry. This lovely personalized book is out now!

Man and woman in highly detailed illustration on a cover of the new love book for couples from Hooray Heroes.
The cover of the brand-new Hooray Heroes custom book for your partner

Best Personalized Gift For Your Boyfriend since 2020

Books that say “I love you” are nothing new for us. Knowing a personalized book makes the perfect gift for husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends, we released our now year-round bestseller Johnny, 10 Reasons I Love You in December 2020, and with half a million books sold, we consider it to be our “romantic comedy” book. The book is also available for same-sex couples, and includes imaginative illustrations and cute texts to match while also delivering a sincere I Love You. It comes in a variety of editions, such as the Christmas, wedding, anniversary, and even proposal edition!

Following the succes of 10 Reasons I Love you (500,000 books sold and counting!), we released another personalized book for couples in 2021. Since we already had a romcom, we decided to make our next book of love a bit edgier and thus Jamie’s Perfect Imperfections was born. This book highlights the love we find in unlikely places, like our partner over-planning, talking too much, or hogging the bed!

Now the question of love in 2022: How do we top ourselves?

With cute comedy and earnest edginess under our belts, we knew our next relationship book needed some real-deal romance. So, putting reasons and imperfections aside, what makes your partner the love of your life? Easy: all that they are.

And here it is, our new Alex, My Love book of sonnets that depicts your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, as you see them. More specifically, they are your protector. They’re your superhero. Your daredevil. They’re your ray of sunshine. And so much more <3

And trust us, we make them look the part!

How should a romantic book sound?

We turned to the most romantic poet of them all for inspiration. Yup, you guessed it: Shakespeare!

Detailed illustration of a man and woman as Romeo and Juliet.
You and your partner become Romeo and Juliet.

We lit some candles, set some romantic music, and went to work. And the result? An amazingly romantic book of sonnets. To give you an idea of the style of this book, here’s its overall description in our poetic form of choice:

Hooray Heroes Most Romantic Gift Ever

My Love” – our most romantic book to date –

Will let you get your inner Shakespeare on,

And with each vibrant page that you create,

All gifts that might compete become a yaaawwwwn.

You’ve tons of options for each avatar,

It’s fast and fun to nail just how you look,

Your partner won’t believe how good you are,

When seeing all this cuteness in one book.

A book of love should share sincerity,

But also have a certain sense of flair,

And “Will, My Love” combines this perfectly,

Just check you out as love’s most famous pair!

So give this book that lets your heart shine through,

And show your love how much they mean to you.

Julie, My Love and Harry, My Love are yours to personalize now!

A detailed illustration of a man and a woman at night surrounded by fireflies from Hooray Heroes new My Love book.

See? We told you it’s the most romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The Best Gift This Christmas? A Personalized Book of Sonnets

Before we get into it, let’s set the right mood with some romantic music. How about some Whitney Houston, we love us some Whitney:

Now, let’s talk sonnets. You might have iambic pentameter and A-B-A-B rhyme structures rattling around in the dusty “high-school English class” section of your memory. And yes, we’ve followed those rules. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing right! But make no mistake, the language, while heartfelt and intimate, is absolutely modern. So don’t worry, this won’t be you turning to CliffsNotes like back when you had to read Hamlet. No, this is more like if Shakespeare had Instagram. Check out a few examples here:

Detailed illustration of a knight on a horse from Hooray Heroes new My Love book
An exclusive sneak peak of Hooray Heroes new My Love book: your partner is your warrior.
Detailed illustration of woman as Cleopatra from Hooray Heroes new My Love book

An exclusive sneak peak of Hooray Heroes new My Love book: your partner is your Cleopatra.

Most Visually Personalized Gift For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Besides sounding super romantic, this book needed to be visually stunning as well. Our personalization module is already the best out there, and in this Alicia, My Love book, we’ve gone and taken it much, much further. As in: do you have your green hair shaved short? We have that option. Does your boyfriend like wearing his hair in a long braid. This book makes it happen. Are your hair and eyebrows different colors? This book shows it correctly. Given how detailed this book it, this level of personalization guarantees that it’ll have a serious wow effect on your partner.

Any other questions? These FAQs should help you out:

How are Hooray Heroes books made?

It’s a whimsical mix of magic and technology! Learn more in this informative video:

Can I include a custom dedication?

Of course! All our books give you this option. And don’t worry – we provide plenty of examples to help with any cases of writer’s block.

Do both of us appear in the book?

Yes! You both appear in the illustrations, and both of your names are included as well.

How do I personalize a Hooray Heroes book?

Not only are our books the most personalized gifts out there, they’re also fun and easy to make. See how it’s done in this video:

Do you maybe have anything available for free?

Of course – free stuff is the best! Check out all these Hooray Heroes freebies for moms, dads, kids, and pets!

But definitely make sure to grab this FREE personalized wallpaper for you and your darling. You can personalize yourself and your partner: choose hairstyles, hair color, eye color, skin tones, and accessories for both of you! It’s free and delivered instantly!

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