Hooray Heroes’ Collection of Personalized Greeting Cards

We created these personalized greeting cards as we wanted to offer alternatives to our personalized books, while still maintaining the same emotional factor, fun & quality!

We took special care to maintain the same top-notch quality and deliver the emotional punch that we have become world-renowned for.

They are perfect for any occasion! You can choose from a wide selection of cards for:

Each and every one of our personalized greeting cards is:

  • fully personalized to add that truly special, personal touch
  • printed on heavy-duty paper to make sure the corners don’t crumple, as is often the case with those generic, supermarket greeting cards,
  • designed with care and has space left inside for your own personal message
  • shipped immediately (if ordered alone) to ensure you get your gift on time
  • available at a starting price of just $8.90 and provides an affordable alternative to our books if you’re not feeling like splurging ATM

They are perfect for almost any occasion you can think of, so let’s take a closer look!

For Kids

Totally unique greeting cards to celebrate your one-of-a-kind kiddo’s many milestones! Birthdays, back-to-school, baptisms, and everything in-between!

Happy Birthday, Rhys!

A unique birthday gift for your special boy or girl! Featuring their personalized character on the cover, and a small message from us on the first page and plenty of space for your own personal dedication on the second page!

Happy Eliana Day!

These greeting cards are available as different editions with the sidekicks from our books! These include:

  • the Mrs Hootwit edition for all your brainy kiddos,
  • the Bondee edition for your sweet and tender kiddos,
  • the Fairy Star edition for magical kiddos,
  • the Mighty Knighty edition for kids that know no fear,
  • the Max edition for kiddos who find fun in everything,
  • the Rascal edition for the cool prankster kiddos,
  • and the Lovelee editions (blue & pink) for lovely kiddos!

Our gift cards can also be accompanied by a plushie of the sidekick featured on the card! It’s the easiest way to create the perfect gift! And it’s all in one place!

For Lovebirds

Love is in the air… and it’s only right to celebrate it properly!

Congratulations, Newlyweds!

Wish the newlyweds a happy marriage with a card featuring their names and appearances, your wishes for them, and the message: Your Love is Forever! It can even be accompanied by our personalized marriage book “Brittany & Felipe 15 Reasons Your Love Is Forever” to make the perfect wedding gift set!

Happy Anniversary, Dominic

Make your special day even more magical with this unique card and your anniversary wishes printed inside. Get ready to win their heart over and over again!

For Babies & New Parents

Celebrate the new baby in your life with style! Attending a baby shower? Congratulating new parents? Looking for a creative gender reveal idea? It’s all here!

Here Comes New Baby Olivia Card

The perfect gift to congratulate parents and welcome their new baby to the world! Featuring a personalized baby on the cover + the WHOLE FAMILY on the inside with your best wishes printed right next to it.

Baby Shower Card

One would think getting a personalized baby shower gift is impossible.
Because, you know… you don’t really know what the baby looks like yet.

This personalized baby shower card takes a new approach and lets you guess the baby’s appearance based on the parents’ characteristics. It’s a fun guessing game that’s sure to liven up every baby shower!

Congratulations on New Baby Aria

(S)he’s here and (s)he’s perfect! Well, not just yet, but any day now! Surprise the new parents with this greeting card – perfect for a gender reveal!

For Dads

Celebrate the Dad in your life with a personalized greeting card from Hooray Heroes! Father’s Day, birthday, or just because – he’ll surely love the gesture!

Daddy, Our Rock

He’s strong as a rock, he sleeps like a rock, but our Daddy rocks! Because he’s our rock! Surprise Daddy with this funny personalized greeting card and let him know how much you appreciate him!

Papa, My Hero

Make sure Daddy knows he’s his kiddo’s biggest hero with this personalized Father’s Day greeting card –particularly perfect for Daddy’s very FIRST Father’s Day!

To Daddy, From Isaac

Simple and straight to the point: Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Featuring kiddo and daddy’s names & characters on the front page along with a cute little message on the inside. Goes well with our personalized bestselling Father’s Day book “Isaac, You’ll Always Be My Little Boy“!

Daddy, Mommy, and Madelyn

Instead of just Daddy and his kiddo, this one also features Mom! It’s the perfect Father’s Day treat for Daddy from Mommy and kiddo!

For Moms

Mom. There’s only one. Celebrate her special day with a personalized Mother’s Day greeting card from Hooray Heroes.

Mom, My Star

Mom’s her kiddo’s brightest star! Let her shine the brightest with this personalized greeting card featuring her and a message from you – this one is perfect for Mom’s very FIRST Mother’s Day!

To Mommy, From Ahana

Simple and straight to the point: Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

Featuring kiddo and mommy’s names & characters on the front page there’s also space for a cute little message on the inside. Goes well with our personalized bestselling Mother’s Day book “Ahana, You’ll Always Be My Little Girl“!