Having trouble finding the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day? Let Macy Terry give you a hand!

Father’s Day, the Moby Dick of Gift Giving

“What’s that out there on the horizon? Starbuck, fetch me my tablet!”

Starbuck scurried off to collect what he had been ordered to fetch, and promptly returned, tablet unlocked.  Amom scrolled through screen after screen, then her eyes widened.  A look of determined consciousness spread across her face. 

“Father’s Day.  The white whale.  I foresaw its approach.  I shall overcome it, conquer it,” Amom coolly whispered. Then she set off to work.

Ok, my apologies for the overly indulgent intro.  But for many folks out there, Father’s Day is the white whale.  It’s that one holiday that’s super hard to get right.  Dads deserve recognition on their special day, but sometimes it’s hard to find something personal and special (and affordable!).  Macy Terry, blogger extraordinaire, has some great ideas to help out in your quest for the perfect Father’s Day Present.

Words of Wisdom

One thing she discusses, and we feel you here, is the notion that “Dad doesn’t need a gift.  His baby is his gift.” C’mon, THAT’S WHAT FATHER’S DAY IS FOR! It’s the day to celebrate dad in all his glory, especially for a dad-to-be or a first-time dad.  As Macy says, “Everyone needs a fun gift, especially my guy that’s about to be a DADDY!!”

Get Personal with Presents

She has some super ideas, like a simple piece of jewelry engraved with his daughter’s first and middle names or matching t-shirts for baby and daddy, and we love the killer onesie even we’d wear to the office.  But, IMHO, the Daddy Edition of “When Maddyn Grows Up” takes the cake. It’s a personalized book with Maddyn and Mason as the stars! Who doesn’t want to be the star of their own book?

Macy loved this idea.  She writes, “The book is all about different careers that she might have when she grows up and how he will always be there to support her in whatever she chooses. It is seriously the sweetest book, and I can’t wait to see them reading it together.”  Neither can we!

Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be the white whale, an obsession to find the perfect present that drives Amom, I mean Ahab, to madness.  Let Macy help you out!  Personal, profound, and perfect for Father’s Day.