Grayson is the perfect gift

A True Story, A True Miracle

Life truly is a miracle. It manifests itself in all its majesty every so often, and these unexplained scenarios can and are rationalized over and over again, but there are times when we have to call them exactly what they are: miracles.  Sometimes they’re occurrences that we witness, sometimes we hear about them second-hand, and sometimes they happen to us.  Hooray Heroes heard about this one, but Grayson and his family experienced it firsthand..

What Happened?

Grayson was born at 29 weeks and one day, but that’s not the whole story of his adventure. His mother’s water broke several weeks before.  They decided to wait and see how long he would last, and the little fighter held on for 7.5 weeks before making his appearance in the world. Mom had to stay in-hospital for that time to avoid infection.

In Her Own Words

Let’s let Devin, Grayson’s Mom, explain what happened. “Grayson, mystrong little warrior is in the NICU, day 63. My water broke at 22 weeks and 5 days! At that point, he was not viable. So, my husband and I had to make a decision if we wanted to induce and terminate or wait to see how long he’d last, before going into labor. We decided to trust God and wait! He lasted 7.5 weeks! I delivered him at 29 weeks and a day! During that time I had to stay in the hospital to avoid infection for both us! Through our faith in God and our strong support system, we made it through! We hope to have Grayson home within the next 2-3 weeks! He’s doing very VERY well!”

A True Story, A True Miracle

Grayson is a miracle. He’s a shining example of the majesty of life manifesting itself before our very eyes. We are so grateful to his parents for sharing their story with us, and we wanted to share it with you as well. Keep believing in miracles. They really do exist. Just ask Grayson.