What Would You Have Liked to Know Before Having Your Third Child?

This was the question we put to Reddita couple of weeks ago.  We were a little nervous about the responses we would get, but what did find out was that being parents to 3 kiddos is a completely different challenge t o being parents of 2.  Anyways, we thought we’d share some of the best responses we got with you!  And if you just so happen to be a parent of a triple threat, be sure to check out our personalized book for 3 siblings here!

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Cbdatmla used a very interesting, but also very apropos metaphor!
  • OneArmedNoodler also used a sports reference, but went a different way with it.
  • MommyDreams thought she was having a third, but ended up with a bit of a surprise!
  • BeerTacosAndKnitting had a very valid explanation for this.
  • MommyDreams also let us know that the struggle is real.
  • And askyermom started a whole thread that had us in stitches!  We had to get a word in, though!
  • Dudebrodadman spoke to the expectations vs the realities, as well as the mathematical complexities.
  • TeeRex1 went straight to the point, and then went waaaayyy past it!
  • It might just be us, but my 2wins went from 0-100 really quickly!
  • Thejaytouch ties all together. You are outnumbered.  Now that zone defense makes sense!

Did we miss anything here? Let us know in the comments!