Introducing Your Toddler to Their New-Born Sibling – Hooray Heroes Style

There are few things as exciting as finding out that you’re going to have a baby for the first time.  There are so many things to think of, to plan for, and all of this happening in just 9 months’ time. So when baby #2 comes along, it isn’t just preparing yourself for the challenge ahead, it’s also about preparing #1 for having a younger sibling.

The Adventures of Nolan and Aiden

Melissa, the amazing writer of Baby Caston on Board decided to create a personalized book for kids, our Poetry Edition of The Adventures of Nolan and Aiden.  The book was a present her newborn son could give to his older brother.  And, in that way, Aiden could easily see himself and his new baby brother heading out to discover the world together. 

Avanti Insieme!

Forward together!  Aiden and his new little brother, just like countless other siblings before and after them, will be embarking on an epic adventure of their own making, and going forward together.  And, to be totally honest, we love that so many parents have decided to use our Siblings editions to help those two shining lights in your lives to come together and go forward.