See who couldn’t wait to give the best Father’s Day present!

When the moment comes…

There’s this moment of anticipation when you’re giving someone a gift that you know is going to really impress them. Namely, the knock-their-socks-off leave-them-crying omg-omg-omg I-can’t-even type of impress them. When you’ve got a gift that good, it’s hard to wait.

We get it…

Sometimes it’s just too much to ask to wait until that specific holiday or birthday to give it. It’s that unique birthday gift, or that DIY present you’ve worked on. On one hand, you know your gift will be the best of the bunch. On the other hand, it’s just too good to wait. What a conundrum!

It’s so hard to wait!

Who was it that said that the only way to overcome temptation is to give in to it, or something like that? Well, when it comes to giving away our personalized children’s books this father’s Day, we’ve found out that we aren’t alone in yielding to the temptation to give that best gift to dad.